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In this particular and very upfront study, we are going to examine a vision that Bro. Branham had regarding a return trip to Africa that has not come to pass... yet. Setting up the foundation for this study, the prophet, in his teachings, established that all visions are Thus Saith the Lord and do not fail. We already know that Bro. Branham had a GREAT campaign on his initial visit to Africa with truckloads of wheelchairs and crutches being put out of commission, which can be read in the book "A Prophet Visits South Africa", but God showed His servant that there would be another time and another visit.

Bro. Branham, all through the years, looked for this to be fulfilled, and even went to Africa in 1965, but was shut out at the gates, to see if it would be time for it to be fulfilled, but it wasn't to be. This, to some, may be a stumbling block or bring up serious questions as to when and if this will be fulfilled and by whom. There are many interpretations to this, but ultimately there can only be one conclusion. Our duty is to search out these things supplicated with prayer and God-led study, asking God for a revelation so we may walk in ALL Truth and not in error. Here is the fruits of our research and conclusion. We pray this will be found edifying.

With these precious facts already in mind, let's start by going to what the prophet was looking for:

And as soon as our Lord tells me the hour, the time to move, I'm going into Africa, and from there to India, where I will fulfill a vision that God has given me of three hundred thousand people. And you remember to keep that in mind. And you'll see it appear in different places. And now, you remember, that is the truth. God has spoken that, and it will be so.

Outside of that, I put it right over in missionary offering, go right straight to Africa and India, where I have a vision to go and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved.

We're going to have a meeting there, which will--will be three times the size of the other one. There will be three hundred thousand people in the meeting. See if that isn't true.

And here's what will take place: The Angel of the Lord which come to me and told me to return to Africa... And He set me down in Africa and showed me a greater meeting than was there at the first time.

You will notice that Bro. Branham has a Thus Saith the Lord that he would go back to Africa. It didn't say anybody else other than that prophet, so let's go to now when he explained the vision in more detail:

Now, on with the vision. And He came to me again, never did that before in my life, not over one time at a time. But this time, It come five straight times. And It came again, and I asked how to conduct my meetings. As some tell me about Brother Roberts, and others, how they pray for so many. And He said unto me, "Just as you are led to do."
Then He came again, and I seen an Angel, which speaks to me, stands by my right side, and I was setting in Africa, at Durban, the same place, right where I left off and failed the Lord. He was sending me right back again to begin.
I saw great throngs of people, but the meeting raised into the air, and faded away as a shadow. I looked back and saw again; there was many people setting, even greater than the first meeting. Then the Angel which was speaking to me, turned me to the east, which would be that way. And there was so many people, that I couldn't even numerate. They went over hills, and an Angel, smaller than the One which was standing by me, came from the--above with a light, a oscillating light, and it showed over the hills at the people. And they looked like Indians, half dressed. They were rejoicing and praising God as I spoke to them. And I heard the Angel, which was above me, say to the Angel standing by my side, "There are three hundred thousand of those in that Branham meeting." And see if that's right or not.
And then, as I came to and was thanking the Lord in the room, my breath seemed comingly faintly, and then I looked again, and I heard leaves in my Bible, and here come my Bible, coming across the floor, and stood in front of me, and it turned to the 1st chapter of Joshua. And then again, I came out of it, and my wife, at the same time, it--sleeping in another room, had started into my room, at three o'clock in the morning. And as she entered the door, something spoke to her, and said, "Do not enter that room for there is a vision going on." And this three was hours later, at six o'clock, she then called me at the door. Never happened before in life.

I highlighted the above in BLUE because it will be referenced when discussing the Joshua Commission in another study.

And somehow or other, the Holy Spirit just seem to place Africa right in front of me. I looked at it. And I have a vision wrote right here in the book, that the return to Africa will be far greater than the first African meeting. And then, the people not knowing what was going on, that a vision taken place, and I said, Heavenly Father..."

It comb real close. But I asked the Lord for the glory of God that He would do this like... The other night the little lady up there that was deaf and dumb with her severed nerves, could never hear or speak again, and I asked Him... I seen Africa come before me.
I said, "Lord, if it's You calling me back to Africa, heal this mute that had been in that wreck." And she could speak and hear like anyone else.

A little later on, it may be that I... I've got to... Going overseas, which that, if God permits, I will be doing pretty soon. I've got to go to Africa according to a vision. I think I'll never prosper much in my meetings until I go to Africa and fulfill that vision. Now, then that'll probably be sometime this coming spring.

Now, Bro. Branham is going to go into the same vision in this quote from 1957 and add some more detail.

Only last night on the fly leaf of my Bible, when it was sometime ago, in a vision that the Lord had given me and I spoke it to the church... And then He said to me, "Go to Africa then back to India."
I said, "Yes, Lord." And when Mr. Baxter told me in Canada, or in Chicago, said, "Let's go to India. Let them Afrikaans alone. They won't cooperate with us right."
"All right," I said. I forgot it. When I went home, the Angel of the Lord met me between the two rooms, a Pillar of Fire, a Light, the same One there. And He said, "You go to Africa like I said go."
And a year later they talked me into it again and I forgot it. I didn't write it down. And I was with my boy there in Portuguese, Lisbon, Portuguese. And I was stricken down sick all night. And the next morning I was going into the bathtub to take a little shower. And on my road in there, there stood the Angel of the Lord, said, "I thought I told you to go to Africa first."
And I said, "Lord God, I'm not worthy to be Your servant." I said, "If You will, lift Your Spirit and give it to another."
Then not only till a few days ago, when I made arrangements for Africa this year... They're over there making it now. And last night I was reading in the vision. And God knew that I would fail that. And in the vision... I never seen it till last night, and I called Brother Sothmann, Leo, and all of them around. The vision said "You'll go to India first and then back to Africa." See, I--I wrote it myself. I wrote the thing myself.
Jumped from the bed where I was setting, early one morning, and seen Him come in the room. And I wrote down just exactly what it said, as He--He was telling me there. And I read it over many, many, many times and never noticed it. And last night when I called the boys, there it is right on the fly leaf of my Bible where many, many people has read it. It said, "There'll come a half-dressed people, and--and I preach to them. They was rejoicing. Then a Light flashed on, afterwards, and showed the white and black together in Africa." Never seen it, looking right at it, our eyes open.
"God, open my eyes that I might see. Let me look past curtains of time, Lord. Let me just see, Lord, what's around me. Let me see what's fixing to happen."

And then I forgot about it and went to India first and then He condemned me at Portuguese, as you know the story. And said, "I thought I said to you 'Go to Africa first.'" And then I was condemned. And I thought all the time, and now it just comes up, the revelation begins to push me for Africa, and I read in the vision, and the vision really said, "Go to India first and back to Africa." It's just exactly the way it's going to happen.
Now, see, the Lord spoke to me, knowing that I would fail, but the vision can't fail. It's what God has already said and it cannot fail. The vision, I've got it wrote in an flyleaf of my Bible. I will bring it down maybe and let you see it. How that it really reads that I will go to India first and then back to Africa; but He told me to go to Africa first and then to India, knowing that I would fail, but the vision can never fail. God has spoke it. It's got to be that way.

Looking on that vision wrote out, which I've read it hundreds of times. The vision said that I would go to India first, and then back to Africa. But He told me to go to Africa first and then to India, showing that God knew that I would fail Him, but His Word, what He said, can't fail. The vision actually reads that I would go to Africa first, or to India first and then back to Africa. That's where I'm on my road to now, just as soon as I can get through with about twenty or thirty meetings I got between now and July, and we go to Africa.

And I just want say this, the many who knows me, and my friends are in here tonight, I just got my telegram back this morning from Durban, South Africa. The vision where three hundred thousand people will be gathered pretty soon for a meeting which is coming up right away...

Now, this should be pretty firmly established, but we will now go to post-Seals quotes where Bro. Branham is still wanting and looking for this vision to come to pass.

And now, Lord, there's no cooperation nowhere. Trying even to get into South Africa where I know there's some souls there yet waiting. Every place, and look like they won't receive me, Lord. Not because of me, Lord; it's because of this Message. But You said it would be this way; and You made it known to us, so we wouldn't be discouraged. We know the hour we're living.

You all know where I'm going, don't you? Africa. I've called for a long time, for years I've tried to get back. Now, a vision, the Spirit of the Lord has prepared the way. They said when those poor natives heard it, that I didn't come the last time when--there, they laid on the ground day and night and moaned and cried, saying, "Lord, what have we done?"--thousands of them. Those people don't even believe they got a soul. See? And they cried, and they moaned, and they cried, "Don't you send no word ahead. Please don't." See? If that visa would happen to go through there and get amongst of them ministers, they'd stop me right there. I have to go in as a hunter.

After I leave this meeting, I'm going to Europe, down into Africa and around, on meetings. And this is going by a vision, so it's going to be a great meeting there; I'm sure. And I felt for years that the Lord has wanted me to come back. The little humbly--humble ministry that He gave me, I don't think He's quite finished with it yet over there.

And I just--I'm going to South Africa after this. For, oh, my, you know how it is down there where you can't even talk to the people, and there'd be... We're at least expecting three hundred thousand, one single meeting.

If you never hear my voice again... If God willing, I'm sailing to Africa in a few hours; I may never return. I don't know. But I tell you with all my heart; I've told you the truth. I haven't shunned to declare to you everything that God has told me to say, and I've said it in the Name of the Lord.

Now, you will notice that Bro. Branham is STILL looking for 300,000 in ONE meeting and he did make a trip to Africa, but he was told he could not come in because of the uprisings that were occuring at the time. The question that we might want to ask ourselves is this, does this make the vision mute? The below sermon was what was preached upon his return back from the venture.

But now, speaking on what the services, and the going to Africa, and the things that we've tried to arrange for these few days here in the Indiana... And somehow or another, Lord, it may be You are driving us to that tent to make that vision fulfill. So Thy will be done; we've committed it this way, the best of our understanding.

In trying to wind up this little study, there are many points that need to be considered and we will try and highlight a few things for your careful, prayerful consideration.

1. The blacks and the whites were TOGETHER.
This could not have come to pass until these past few years when Apartheid (Afrikaan word for 'aparthood') came to an end. They were not allowed to be together and was the reason Bro. Branham was refused in coming in in 1965.

2. The Lord knew he would fail, but that doesn't negate the vision.
Visions are Thus Saith the Lord. There are no "what if's" in the equation at all and this vision is just as much from God as the much maligned Tent vision. There were times when Bro. Branham would have a vision for someone's healing and he would get ahead of the vision and the results didn't happen, but then Bro. Branham illustrated that it was because certain events had not taken place yet. God doesn't change His patterns or His mind. He still used the SAME vessel to whom He gave the vision to in order to make the vision come to pass.

3. If Bro. Branham is gone now, how is this going to come to pass?
For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
A simple promise of God that is laying in the scripture declares that the dead in Christ raise first and we, in this age, have to believe the prophet will be a part of that. Jesus, the Seed pattern, had a resurrection ministry, so the promise of Bro. Branham coming up in the resurrection to fulfill this vision isn't far fetched, but Bible based. For more on this answer, please refer to our Third Pull Index on our website:

4. The commission was given to Bro. Branham and no one else.
From time to time, we hear of strange doctrines that go out because of lack of study, prayer and direct answers from the Lord. We have heard various ideas on the fulfillment of this vision, such as the following:

a) The tapes and the books are carrying the prophets voice to Africa.
He uses not the--the agency of--of any mechanical device, but the agency of man, a man that's surrendered and consecrated to God.

b) The Elect are going to carry this out.
They were rejoicing and praising God as I spoke to them. And I heard the Angel, which was above me, say to the Angel standing by my side, "There are three hundred thousand of those in that Branham meeting." And see if that's right or not.

c) The prophet missed the vision and it will never be fulfilled.

The vision said that I would go to India first, and then back to Africa. But He told me to go to Africa first and then to India, showing that God knew that I would fail Him, but His Word, what He said, can't fail. The vision actually reads that I would go to Africa first, or to India first and then back to Africa.

We are sure there are plenty of other explanations, but we must put out the flashing red light warning on these loose cannon ideas because it contradicts many other things. While these "answers" might sound good to the ear, the spiritual mind is able to catch it and put it to the "Word test" in order for it to be classified as false or Truth.

In conclusion, this vision was given to one individual. In the vision, only one individual was preaching. In the vision, it was a human being that was speaking. Visions don't fail, they are Thus Saith the Lord.

3 For the vision [is] yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

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