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Section Three- Quotes from 1960-1961 (301-346)

E-49 049 Let me say this to you, friends, this ministry here will continue on, but there's something that men who know me, know this is truth, that something happened a few weeks ago that's so great, I won't even say it in the audience, but there's--there's men setting here that know it, right here. It's already done. See? That's right. It's true. It's far beyond...
Remember when I come first, telling you and talking what would come? That thing happened, then come told you another, this discernment would come and He said... Now, that's happening. Now, I tell you; this is already come. It's just waiting the hour, just before the breaking of the day yonder. It'll approach forth and then the end will be. May the Lord bless.

302 BE.NOT.AFRAID.IT.IS.I.title PHOENIX.AZ 60-0305
E-2 002 Just remember, that the first time I was here, you remember the Lord had told me something was going to happen: change in the ministry. It happened. Said another one's going to happen, and it happened.
Now, there's a another one greater, far greater than all the rest of them put together, already confirmed and ready. I hope it happens tonight. I just might say that. I don't have the time to explain it to you, but the brethren who does know about it, it's wonderful. It'd be such a great thing for the people. And I am grateful to God that the hour is soon at hand (I believe it), when God is going to help His children. Especially, it'll be for those who can't muster the faith to raise up and get a hold of God like they should. I believe the Lord is providing a way for us now to take care of them also.
Some runs into the faith that they can just reach over and receive anything. That's great faith. Some of them has mustard seed faith, and has to wait so long to get through. I believe the Lord is making a way for those people now. And I don't know when it will be, but it will be. Just as certain as I'm standing here, it will be.

303 HEAR.YE.HIM.title PHEONIX.AZ 60-0313
E-38 038 Placing of a son... Take him out in a certain place, have a ceremony before Angels, and place him positionally what he is in the body of Christ. Then that person has the authority. Let me say this, if you count me a fanatic from this night on. That very same thing that I'm speaking of will be done. There'll be a power put into the Church, and now is coming in, that the Holy Spirit will so anoint people, till they'll speak the Word and It'll create Itself right there. We haven't seen powers like's coming into the Church now. I know it for a fact.
"Say unto this mountain be moved. Don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you've said shall come to pass, you can have what you have said.": the placing of the Church in position, where the fulness of the power of the Holy Ghost comes into the Church. Then critics mouths will be shut. It'll be a short time. Jesus come right off the mountain, went straight to Calvary. Notice, it won't last long, but it'll be here.

5 003 I was just talking to someone last night. That our last meeting in Oklahoma, I tried to, trying now (and I'll announce this) to lay aside until God would call me to do it, my old ministry of discernment, because I think beginning, it's the-- the new ministry is coming in.
The other night, no one knowing nothing about it, I tested it on a child coming across the platform, had been borned blind, a baby, and was totally blind, about a sixteen-year-old boy. And just immediately he let a scream out, "Brother Branham, I can see." And there, and Pat Tyler standing near, right by the boy, when his eyes come open for the first time in all of his life. And so I trust that you here, with great anticipations, with myself, I'm looking for something God to do for us, and bring us up to another level than what we have been. Let us bow our heads now for prayer.

61 031 And they have to have a crucifixion before you can have a resurrection. And before the church will ever be able to see a resurrected power, before I can ever see a new ministry take place myself, before you can ever enter into a new fellowship with God, there's got to be a self-crucifixion so that there can come a resurrection. We've got to die out to our own thoughts, die out to our own ways, die out to everything that's around us, go through the trials and tribulations, that we might see a new resurrection, a new Life. Before a sinner can ever become a Christian, there has to come a death, then a resurrection.

135 057 That's hard right now. Visions are breaking all over the building. See? Yeah, I'm trying to... I was trying to let this be a resurrection a little higher, a little higher from the--from the ash heap I have set on. I want a little more of a revelation. I know one thing; as long as I hold onto that first ministry, the second won't come; it didn't come. Now, as long as I hold onto the second, the third won't come. See? I've got to step right out, step out and believe it, "God said so."

154 064 And I looked, and I seen something make a flicker over to one side. And I looked, and there was my wall opened up, and I seen Jesus. How many of you ever heard me say that I seen Jesus twice in my life in a vision? And I believed I would see Him again before the end time (See?), see Him again. Now, I looked, and the skies was right out there, just looked like I looked through the wall. And there was the Bible standing right like this, great big Bible standing in the skies. Well, there's something got light around the Bible, and out of the Bible come a real pretty golden cross. And it stood out like this, and the lights coming from all around it, and out of that cross He walked. The Bible reflected the cross; the cross reflected Him. And He come walking out, and walked right down to where I was at. I can see it just as plain; I can see the--that cross reflecting His hair standing there, hung down over His face.
155 065 He looked down at me like that, and He said to me, "You are waiting for your new ministry to be confirmed to you." He said, "I've already confirmed it to you. It's already confirmed. You've got to accept it." See? And I stood and listened to Him just a minute. It come into my mind; I didn't hear that; it just come into my mind.

188 076 Now, I'm wanting to see that happen. It's going to be the attitude of the people towards the message. See how she said it? She said just the right thing. It's what you say that does it. What you say...

211 083 And I tell you that the Holy Spirit told me about that ministry coming on for the last two or three years, and I've been telling the churches everywhere. And the God Almighty being my Judge, right up here this side of Salem, them squirrels come into existence where there is no squirrels at. Right down there with Charlie, standing back there, and lots of them down here in Kentucky, them squirrels come right into places where they wasn't, told where it would be. Where Tony and them being setting there. And there it was, exactly. Come right back, and the first human being it was ever spoke on, was that woman setting right there, and there it is.
The other morning up there, when I was sick with that throat condition, I seen Jesus standing before me, and He told me that the ministry is already confirmed to me.

216 085 Now, it's not in discernment. Discernment I find them things out. But... And this is not discernment; I'm searching for a new ministry. All of you understand well?

221 086 And now, Lord, Thou knowest about this ministry of Mark 11:23, and knowing that the hour is at hand, knowing that I have truthfully told about those squirrels, and about Sister Hattie and her boys... Now, Father, and knowing that that vision come to me up there in the--at the bed the other morning of seeing that Bible, and then the cross, and then You. And was revealed into my mind that I have to accept it, because it's confirmed.

312 REJECTED.KING.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-23 60-0515M
6-3 020 Many of the meeting from my new ministry coming in... A brother, Baptist brother standing here, his daughter, teen-age, had been kind of a little wayward, and I told him, "I give you your daughter for the Lord Jesus," the other morning, and when he went home she's saved, and the other here this morning to be baptized, and going on.
And a man, Mr. Sothmann, a friend of mine from Canada, his mother-in-law in a dying condition, said, "You'll find your mother-in-law when you get there, well, on her road to recovery, all right." That's just the way it was. And just--people just coming in. It's just in its infancy now, moving. But oh, we're expecting the exceedingly, abundantly above all. We're in the evil and last days, but in a glorious hour.

313 REJECTED.KING.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-23 60-0515M
27-1 069 We have just a few moments to pray for the sick. I see we got a little sick girl here and a lady in the chair. Now, to my most precious brethren, sisters, please do not misunderstand me. I--I don't know what happened. I don't know what happened. But God, when I die, let me go back there. Just let me go to that place, is where I want to be, wherever it was. I'm not trying to be a Paul that was caught up in the third heaven. I'm not saying that. I believe that He was just trying to encourage me, trying to give me a little something to push me on in my new ministry coming up.

76 042 And now, this may just choke you to death. But did you know that men that are sons of God are amateur gods? How many ever knowed that? How many knows that Jesus said so? The Bible, Jesus said, "Did not your law say itself that you are gods? And if you call them gods..." Which, God said in Genesis 2 that they were gods, because they were--had full domain over the dominion of the world. He give him dominion over all things. And he lost his godship; he lost his sonship; he lost his domain; and Satan took it over. But, brother, we are waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God, who'll come back and take it over again. Waiting for the fullness of time, when the pyramid gets up to the top, when the full sons of God will be manifested, when the power of God will walk out (Hallelujah.) and will take every power that Satan's got away from him. Yes, sir, it belongs to him.
77 043 He's the Logos that went out of God; that is true; that was the Son of God. Then He made man that little god. And He said, "If they call those who the Word of God came to, the prophets, if they call them gods who the Word of God came to..." And God said so Himself that they were gods. He told Moses, "I made you a god, and made Aaron your prophet." Amen. Whew. I--I may act like a religious crank, but I'm not. Oh, when your eyes can come open and see those things...
All right. He made man a god, a god in his domain. And His domain goes from sea to sea, from shore to shore. He has the control of it.
And when Jesus came, being the one God without sin, He proved it. When the winds blowed, He said, "Peace, be still." Amen. And when the tree, He said, "No man eat from thee."
"Verily, I say unto you, you, that's little gods, if you'll say to this mountain, 'be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart, but believe that what you've said will come to pass, you can have what you've said."
80 044 Go right back to Genesis, to the original; what is it? Now, the world and nature is groaning, crying; everything's a moving what? For the manifestation of the sons of God, when true sons, born sons, filled sons speak and their word is backed. I believe we're on the border of it right now. Yes, sir. Say to this mountain, let it be so.
"Brother, I--I desire so-and-so, a certain thing done. I'm a believer in Jesus Christ."
"I give it to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ." There's a manifestation.
"Oh, brother, my crops are burning up out yonder. I haven't had any rain."
"I'll send you a rain in the Name of the Lord God...?... bless your crop." Oh, waiting, groaning, all nature, waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God. God ordained it at the beginning. He gave man the domain.

127 065 How many was in here when I left on my first trip and preached, "David, a slaying Goliath," when I left? Many, some, a few of the old timers. I'm fixing to leave again on this. Remember, we see what just come around last Sunday? It's moving right into another phase. David's second campaign, second phase of his ministry. That's exactly right. Which, then he become king over Israel. Notice the ministry now is moving out into a greater phase, coming out greater.

316 HEAR.YE.HIM.title KLAMATH.FALLS.OR 60-0712
E-61 061 The whole creation's groaning, waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God, waiting to a spot to where that the sickness will be a "Arise!" and it will be that way. The blind will receive their sight. Deaf and dumb, we pray for them now, but then you'll command it. Didn't say, "These signs shall follow them that believe, they shall pray for the sick." He said, "They shall cast out devils." Not, "I will": "They will."
"If you say to this mountain (not if I say). If you say to this mountain, 'Be moved,' and don't doubt in your heart. What we need is adoption.

E-6 006 I am thinking that maybe, the Lord willing, this is the time that there is a new ministry coming ahead for me. And I, perhaps, I hope that it will start here. However, I'm going to try with all my heart to pray for the sick the way He told me to in this meeting.

E-5 005 Now, a little later on if I get a chance, I want to tell you what happened just recently, bringing in a new ministry. I'll just speak the word. And it brings... It puts it right back into the lap of the people again. If they will come with the right attitude and believe, it's just got to happen.

319 AS.I.WAS.WITH.MOSES.title JEFF.IN V-16 N-2 60-0911M
153 058 And this poor, sick, crippled-up world is waiting for a deliverance, and looking at a signpost. Have mercy. The signpost is nothing but a sign to prove the commission. There's the new ministry. It's just been revealed to me. "Pray for the sick. Get the people to believe you." God can never leave that. That's His commission; no matter what goes on, how much I fail. I fail miserably. I should've never went ahead with them signs; that wasn't the will of God, but God's blessed it anyhow. But I'm ready to leave this mountain. I want to go across Jordan. I want to carry the commission. "Get the people to believe you."

320 AS.I.WAS.WITH.MOSES.title JEFF.IN V-16 N-2 60-0911M
180 067 Now, my ministry's changing. It's already changed. There will still be the discernment; they will still carry on just as I feel that God wants me to say them. But until then, I'll pray and lay hands on the sick as He told me to do and carry out my commission. I've waited a long time for this, but I believe now that we're ready to take the promised land. And just as sure as there will be, there'll be some Rahab's waiting; there'll be someone waiting that'll believe it with all their heart.

321 AS.I.WAS.WITH.MOSES.title JEFF.IN V-16 N-2 60-0911M
295 107 That was his daughter, Sister Hattie setting right there, on which I testified now, that the new ministry worked the first time. That's right, Sister Hattie.

E-4 004 But I am hoping, and trusting, and waiting till the day that I get my tent. I'm so alarmed about my tent. It's always been a problem to me... If you'll forgive me for a few moments to just to little talk before we read the text...
How many read the vision in the magazine? Have you... Did you read it? Well, that's fine. That's--that was something that I have prayed for for years. The one thing in my meeting has always been that I've never been able to do the things that I really want to do, and think ought to be done in my meetings, because of the--the absence of physical strength in the time of healing services.
E-5 005 Visions are something that--that tears you to pieces. It's not li... It's living in a different world. Could you just imagine being asleep and then wake up all at once and be half asleep and half awake, and then again and again and again and again, and imagine what it would do to you? Could you just think when the great Daniel saw one vision and was troubled at his head for many days (See?), just one vision. And it's...
One time led me several years ago almost to a total break for life, even to they rushed me to Mayo Brother's, and they said, "There's not absolutely a chance in the world for you to ever live (See?) and come out of it." But God's grace brought me out. I promised Him then I'd watch...
Now, in the--in the prayer lines I don't get to too many people. And I've had many critics on this. And they've wrote me letters and say, "Mr. Roberts and many, Mr. Allen and them will pray for five hundred people while you're praying for five." Well, I just have to do it the way the Lord told me to do it. And that's...
E-6 006 Or, my ministry is not a contact for each person, but it's (See?) just to represent the Lord Jesus in a--in a sign of a gift to everyone because... No matter where they're... It isn't my hands that would count. It isn't Mr. Roberts' hands that would count. It's your hands on Him that counts. That's what... That's the One 'cause after all, He's finished the work. The only thing that we can do is preach it by the Word or some gift to represent its finished work.
And I appreciate Brother Gordon Peterson, the pastor of this church. I think you got one of the nicest churches here that I've ever come into. And I don't say that because I'm on your platform.
And my son, young Doctor Branham... [Brother Branham and congregation laugh--Ed.] I hope he didn't hear that. He will never get up no more. He came over, gave his testimony this morning; he said, "Daddy, they got one of the finest young people classes and things you ever seen." And I was so happy for that. And I... The Lord has been dealing greatly with Billy right in this meeting. And I believe someday he will walk along all right and follow right along. Well, I hoping so anyhow. He might be listening, so I better cut off right here. So that's...
E-13 013 And I looked coming down out of the wall, and here come two little dark looking children half naked, pulling a little wagon with wooden wheels. And I said, "Now, Meda, that's what I'm trying to tell you." And I could hear her, yet I was done too far into the vision; I couldn't--couldn't understand why that she didn't an... She come around. And now, when them visions strike like that, well then, you're just in a coma like. See? And so then, she went on out of the room.
And I started walking up, and I met Mr. Arganbright, and he told me that the meeting was already in session. I should go in. So when I went to the meeting, oh, my, I never seen so many people. []... of people. And they looked like kind of dark people and smooth though. And I thought, "Where are they at?" And then there was someone else speaking in my place and in the vision. And I said, "Who's speaking?"
And he said, someone, minister's standing there, said, "Oh, they put him up."
I said, "Who's they?"
E-14 014 And just then he said, "You're all dismissed." And oh, about maybe twenty, thirty thousand people started leaving. And I said, "Why, they never made no altar call." And I said, "That's not right."
And another minister, kind of blonde-headed, raised his hand up and had some sack in his hand, said, "But we got the offering."
I said, "When did it come to a place that the offering was more essential than the altar call?" And so then just then, well, I said, "There won't be--there won't be twelve people out."
They said, "You're to speak this afternoon."
I said, "What time?"
Said, "Just anytime."
"Why," I said, "there won't be twelve people out." And I said...
He said, "Well, wasn't Christ left with twelve when He told them the truth?"
E-15 015 And just then I was taken off into a--another place. I set down by the side of a--of a--of a little place, and I seen a little baby shoe, little moccasin. And I had a great big string almost the size of that post there, trying to lace through that little eye of that moccasin, trying to lace up the shoe. I hope this don't hurt anyone. I never put it in the magazine. How many people here are saved, let's see your hands, really borned again with the Holy Ghost? Yes, all right. Then I'm sure you'll understand me. I never put--placed it out in the magazine like that.
But I was trying to thread this little shoe up with this string and, oh, the little eyelet was about an eighth of an inch and this shoe, the string I had was about a half inch. And I was breaking the threads, and it was trying to push it through just with all my heart. And a Voice spoke from behind me. And It said, "What are you doing?"
And I said, "Lacing this shoe."
E-16 016 He said, "You're using the wrong end of the string." And I looked down on the floor and there laid the, truly, there laid the--the string, oh, went out to a nice eighth of an inch and taped down real nice. And He said, "You can't teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things." Said, "You'll cause carnal impersonations." Now, that's true. I can only say what the vision said. See? "Can't teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things. You cause carnal impersonations." And so, and I--I stood there.
And just then, seemed like I went off into another dimension. And when it was... Now, remember, watch these things. They'll come to pass word by word. It's--it's perfect. And I was standing by a lake, looked like. And He taken me and set me down there by this lake. There was lots of ministers around a fishing. And I looked and there were great big fish. And some of them was just catching little bitty fish. And just then I said, "Oh, my." I said, "I'm a fisherman. I'll--I'll catch the fish."
E-17 017 So I picked up the pole that was laying on the ground. And just then, this One said to me, said, "I'll teach you to fish," the One that had been talking behind me to my right side.
And I said, "All right."
He said, "Fasten on the lure, but throw way out in the deep." And I went way out in the deep. He said, "Now, when you do, let your bait settle down. Pull slow first." He said, "The small fish will follow the lure." Now, that's really fishing technique all right. He said, "Pull slow." And said, "The small fish will follow. When you get a strike," said, "just jerk it a little bit, not hard." But said, "Don't tell nobody how you're doing it." Said, "Keep it still. Don't tell nobody what you're doing." Said, "Pull it slow. And then," said, "when you feel your strike, just pull your bait far enough to scatter the little fish. It'll make the big fish run for it, and then when you get a strike, then set your hook for the catch."
E-18 018 I said, "I understand." And I threw it way out. And just as I did, all these ministers and people run around, said, "Praise the Lord. Brother Branham will really catch fish." They was just going on like that. And I felt real big about it, because they were telling me I was a fisherman. And so when...
I said, "Now, I'll tell you how it's done. Here's the way you do it." And I said, "The first, you're supposed to pull slow. And then when the little fish goes to following," I said, "you set it like this." And when I did, I jerked bait, hook, and everything out of the water. And I looked. I caught a fish, but I was wondering how he ever got the lure in his mouth, 'cause it looked like just the skin of the fish stretched around the lure. It was such a little fish. And just then I said, "Oh, my, look."
E-19 019 And just then this One had been talking behind me stepped around in front of me. It was the same Angel of God that's always spoke to me. He said, "You've done just what I told you not to do, standing on the platform, and trying to explain it, and telling the people, and I told you to keep it to yourself." And said, "Look what you've done. Look at the carnal impersonations you got rose." See? And I hear people say that.
And I hear people say, "Brother Branham, oh, the Lord's give me a ministry." You got probably greater that... Yeah. But just like that no, never will be as long as I'm on earth. He told me that in the beginning, never will be (See?) as long as I live. Now, He told me that. And I hear people say that, and I know it's wrong, but I just don't want to criticize, tell them that. But then when they...
E-20 020 He said, "You cause impersonations." And then I started weeping. And I took the string and was trying to straighten it out. And just then He looked at me. And I wondered what He was going to do. And He said, "Keep your line straight in these kind of times."
I said, "Yes." So I got the line ready to throw again, and just as I did at that time, He taken me away again, and He stood me up in the air over a great auditorium up or--or big tent. Oh, I never seen such a tent, spread way out. And in that there was a, look like I'd made an altar call and hundreds of people, real softly and sweetly were weeping, setting by the altar, receiving the Lord Jesus. And I said, "That looks better."
E-21 021 And then He said... There was a nice, smooth spoking gentleman stepped out and said, "Now, while Brother Branham's a resting a little bit, we'll line the prayer line up." Said, "You all with prayer cards beginning at a certain place line up to my right." And so, I looked over, that would be to my left from where I was standing. And there was a little building setting in there, little--little building that's built like that.
And all the people were, oh, just looked like went around the tent, and out a city block or more, a great line of people. And they were all standing around there with their prayer card. And just then I seen a woman in an ambulance stretcher was laying, and a man behind her was standing on crutches. So they were standing there waiting for their turn. There was a lady taking down their names and things. And then there was a canvas stretched here that no one could get around that tent.
E-22 022 And just then... Now, I want you to watch this and listen how it is now. So you watch the difference. Then I heard something whipping around. Whrrr, whrr, whrr, like that always goes every time we have a healing service. That's just what happens. That's the way it has always sounded. Sounded that way in the bush that time when I heard it. It's always been that way. And I felt it. I heard it, rather, going, moving. And I looked, and here went that real soft Light moving away from me and went down and went into that little building.
And then there's something different between the Light and the Angel, 'cause He was still here with me, and the Light had went into the building. And this Angel still speaking behind me, which is a big Man, and He said, "I will meet you in there."...
So then I said, "I don't understand why in there."
E-23 023 He said, "Watch." And this woman when she come out of there on the ambulance stretcher, she was pushing the stretcher out the other side.
And she said... The lady asked her with the--the... Said, "What--what happened?"
She said, "I don't know. It just happened." She said, "I've been in this stretcher." Said, "I've been down in bed for years." And here come the man out packing his crutches. And they asked him what, said he didn't know. And he was coming to the platform to testify.
And I said, "I don't understand that in there."
E-24 024 And watch, He's always Scriptural. He said, "Did not our Lord say, 'When thou prayest be not like the hypocrites that like to make a show.' Said, 'Enter into the secret closet, and when you've done so, close the door. Then pray to your Father what seeth in secret and He that seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.'"
And He said, "You remember that name that you were hunting that time that you dreamed about?"
And I said, "Yes."
He said, "I'll meet you in there and this time it won't be a public show." And the vision left me.
E-25 025 Now, we got the tent in making. And then in there I'll be able to carry a prayer line right on through. Now, you remember, I speak this before it comes to pass. The exceedingly abundantly is fixing to take place. I can't wait till I get into that place. I just... My heart's a yearning and burning.
And these things here that you see now will be amateur to what our Lord is fixing to do. You just remember that with all your heart. And live for Him now and be reverent. And just be yourself. Just--just be Mrs. Doe or Mr. Doe and--and love the Lord and just move on with a true heart before Him, and love Him. He will take care of the rest of it. You see?
E-26 026 But then it'll be no end to the prayer line for it'll go hours after hours. And watch what our Lord is fixing to do. Now, the thing that happens in there when He told it... Now, remember, the Bible is laying open. I did it first, my hand over my heart. A human being in this world will never know it.

323 EPHESIAN.CHURCH.AGE.title JEFF.IN ROJC 131-183 60-1205
39 024 As Daniel heard the seven thunders and forbidden; and John heard the voices, and this Book was sealed, and the back of the book was sealed with Seven Seals; but in the days of these Seals to be opened, the mystery of God would be finished. In other words, God would be known to His church, not in three people, but as one Person. The mystery of God would be revealed, and when that was completely revealed, then the seven mysteries would open to the church; because in there, the church would be living under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Him moving in and out and showing His signs of being alive and among us, living among us, and we're then worshipping the living Christ that's among us.

324 PERGAMEAN.CHURCH.AGE.title JEFF.IN ROJC 229-285 60-1207
6 004 I didn't see you here, brother. How are you, Brother West? I just heard some good news, that the last of Brother Daulton's family came in, the other boy--the other girl. That's ten, is it? Nine. You remember that was under the new ministry when the Lord told him there that the--his family would be saved. I been praying for them, standing there not knowing what I would be saying; the Holy Spirit said, "I give you your family." See? And--and there it is, every one of them. See how the Lord does? See, His words are perfect; they never, never fail. Well, we don't want to get onto the Divine healing side; we're trying to stay as long--this part, on the prophetic side.

325 TEN.VIRGINS.title JEFF.IN ROJC 425-492 60-1211M
99 055 Now, to see whether this message that we got is connected with it or not. The very hour that Israel was signed in to be a nation; it was the very same hour, very same day, very same month, everything else: I was at Green's Mill, Indiana, when that Angel there appeared to me and sent me out on the field with this; after He had met me down on the river and told me what would take place, then commissioned me eleven years later at the same hour that Israel was signed in as a nation. It's all connected together.

326 REVELATION.CHAP.FOUR.PT.1.title JEFF.IN ROJC 551-584 60-1231
167 082 Now, let's get back to the verse:
And a... behold, a throne was set in heaven... (2nd verse)... and one set on it.
Note, "the throne," He set on the throne. He wasn't no more back down in the candlesticks now, on earth. The rapture had done come. He was in glory, setting on His throne. I want you to notice on down, we'll find even in the 5th chapter; it was not the throne of mercy. It wasn't a throne of mercy anymore; it was the throne of judgment. It wasn't a throne of grace. It's a throne of judgment because fire and lightning and thunders issued forth from it; no more; mercy's over, the church age was finished. "He that's filthy is filthy still; he that's righteous is righteous still; he that's holy is holy still," no more a throne of mercy.

327 REV.CHAP.4.PT.2.24.ELDERS.title JEFF.IN ROJC 585-643 61-0101
207 089 You know, let's go back to Moses. Moses... We ain't got time to dig it up, so you just take what I'm saying. Moses, when he was give a vision up on Mount Sinai...
I want you to notice that this was not a throne of grace no more. There the blood had been gone, and the sacrifice was back again, and they had been accepted, and the blood was off the mercy seat. And it was now a judgment seat, because thunders and lightning issued off of it. Is that right?
Remember, it was like Mount Sinai. When Moses went on Mount Sinai, what happened? Thunder, lightning. And even if a cow, or a calf, or a sheep, or anyone even touched the mountain, it must die. The Bible said, "So great was the quake that even Moses feared it." And Moses... Said, "Take off your shoes here; you're on holy ground." Joshua the great warrior, was to take the children over and divide their inheritance, could only come halfway up the mountain.

328 REV.CHAP.4.PT.2.24.ELDERS.title JEFF.IN ROJC 585-643 61-0101
230 098 Now, he... John, where's John standing? At the court. Let's just read just a little farther here so you get the picture.
And out of the throne proceed lightnings... thunders... voices: and there was seven lamps of fire... (Wait till we get to that.)... burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God...
Reflecting the Light of God into the church, right straight from the throne of God.

329 REV.CHAP.4.PT.3.THRONE.MERCY.title JEFF.IN ROJC 645-716 61-0108
103 051 What was it? The mercy seat where they knelt? And there inside of the ark was the what? The law. And the law, to trespass one commandment was to die without mercy. But being that you could have mercy, the blood had to lay on the altar. They sprinkled the mercy seat. And the mercy seat is the altar where you kneel and ask for mercy. God forbid that we ever take it from our churches, the old fashion altar where men can kneel and call on God for mercy. And mercy is rich and flowing free from the Blood of the Lord Jesus. Now, also that's the mercy. That's mercy seat.
105 052 But you notice in here, it was not mercy seat, for there was lightnings, and thunder, and voices. There's no lightning and thunders at mercy. That's judgment.

330 REV.CHAP.4.PT.3.THRONE.MERCY.title JEFF.IN ROJC 645-716 61-0108
116 055 Now, "The voice of the throne..." Notice in this throne, "before the throne was the seven stars," the voice of the stars. "Voices..." You see, there was more in the Revelations 4 here, or 5, we find out, "And out of the throne proceeded lightning, thunders, and voices." Not one voice: voices, plural. What was it? God speaking to the church, reflecting Himself through the seven Spirits. When the true anointed of God speaks, it's the voice of God. To reject it is to remove the candlestick. See? "Voices," the voice of the Seven Church Ages (over here in the corner), the voices speaking with thunder and lightning.

E-30 030 So that's what it is; spread out our tents way out yonder, get other brothers. Yes, sir, that's what we got to do. And then when we do that, we can expect God to answer. But until we do that, He won't answer, because we got to separate ourselves from the things of the world. And as long as the Pentecostal church keeps lusting after the things of the world, this, that, and the other one, and--you just might as well quit. Until you get back to the real Gospel again, get back to God's Word, get back to THUS SAITH THE LORD, we'll never prosper till we do that. God will not hear, until we fully obey God. Yes, sir.

E-55 055 Why did Jesus heal the sick for in Matthew 12, Matthew 8, I believe it is? He said, "That it might be fulfilled which is spoken of by the prophet." The Word of God needs to be fulfilled. This is the hour.
Telepathy, they call it. They called it the same thing there, a devil. He said, "It's unforgivable to call the Spirit of God that's working a thing like that." I want you to think about that 'fore you go to making your decisions. There's a new ministry that God has confirmed, and we know it to be the God's truth. But somehow or another it just won't work here in--in America. It does at other places.

96 060 But there'll be a one-man system come forth with the power and the anointing of Elijah to fulfill the prophecy. Hallelujah. He'll shake it. And remember, he prophesied to them, and prophesied, and told them all the things, and God worked with him. But his final message was attacked on the White House. When John came, his final message was attacked on the White House of that day. Elijah's final message, when he walked down that road that morning after being in the Presence of God out there, walked down that road with old hairs all over him, his bald head shining, the whiskers blowing, them little old eyes was gleaming with the glory of God, that stick in his hand, and his feet just as steady as they could be: what's he doing? Walking right down from Samaria into the presence of the White House, and saying, "THUS SAITH THE LORD." Fearing nothing... The churches had turned him down; the people had turned him down; so now he's giving his final attack upon the White House.
97 061 Then what happened after that? Listen. After that attack, his voice became quiet, nobody heard him no more. God called him off the scene, said, "Elijah, you've done made your message known to all of Israel; they know It. Now, come up here in the wilderness; get away from them; separate yourself, 'cause I'm going to do something. I'm going to show them what it is to turn My message down." What set in? War, famine, starvation.
THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT; watch what's coming. Watch what's going to follow." There was a famine; there will be a famine, oh, maybe not for bread, but for hearing the Word of God and His Truth. All the churches will socialize and go right on into it just the same, just like they've already been swallowed up with it.
99 062 What did Elijah do? He found a hidden spring way up in the mountain where he got some Water of Life, Divine revelations from God as he set up there under the power of God. The revelations being a little hidden spring, while the rest of them was famishing. And God bless His servants, them ravens; they brought him something to eat while he was isolated from the people. And they were down there famishing for a revival and all going on, "Don't hear no more of his revivals at... Where is that old crank that goes around blasting our organizations? Where's he at now?" They didn't know. He pulled hisself with God, out into a isolated place where they didn't hear his voice. Then they begin to see.
100 063 When God sends forth a message and tells the people, and they don't receive it, then He withdraws His servant and sends His plagues: famine, death, spiritually speaking, physically also. You watch for a depression, brother. You think you've seen something; you just wait after while. You haven't seen nothing. You think you're dying for a good spiritual revival; you wait till after a bit. You just wait, long and cry to hear the Word of God. The Bible said so. "There'll be a famine in the last days," said the prophet, "and not for bread and water alone, but for hearing the true Word of God." But that voice will be quiet in the wilderness somewhere, hid away.
He ordained the ravens, His servants. Bless them birds, His servants, that kept the voice of--of Elijah alive during the time of his--his isolation from the church. The ravens brought him flesh and bread at morning, and flesh and bread in the evening, and he drank from the little fountain while the rest of them down there were doing without any spiritual food and water.
102 064 Then one day after sin had took its toll, and God has brought His people to their knees... Jezebel took everything; she wiped it all up; and she'll do it again. That's THUS SAITH GOD'S HOLY BIBLE. She'll do it again. She's right on the throne now, behind the figurehead, twisting it anyway she wants to; and nobody's going to stop her. Certainly, nobody's going to stop her now, because what they couldn't get in the religious circles they cut it--cut it all into politics, and there they done it. Uh-huh, that's exactly what they done. Which the political will be a boycott just exactly back to the mark of the beast, as sure as I'm standing here. See? And the Bible said it.
103 065 I know we're getting late; I'll hurry. I got to get this last word in, if the Lord will let me.
Watch. Elijah stayed up there until God moved him. He had no revivals. He preached not against it or nothing. He just stood up there with God alone out in the wilderness, 'cause he was a wilderness man. He was raised in the wilderness. So was John raised in the wilderness.
He went out in the wilderness alone with God, took away from the church after he give his message. And the church turned it down, turned it down. And finally the organizations wouldn't do nothing, so he just had to move out. God called him off the scene took him on out in the wilderness, said, "Come on out here; they won't listen anymore. Come on, then I'm going to throw My judgment upon them." Oh, yes, he'll be here one of these days; you watch.
106 066 Then after the days of his prophecy, what happened? The church languished, the great terror of Jezebel; she took them all in herself, gobbles them all up, took them in herself, and build groves and everything else.
But one day, God called him out again. Here he come out. Listen close now, and don't get angry with me. I'm saying, THUS SAITH THE LORD. When he come out, what did God do? He sent him to a widow woman. She once had a--a man power over her head, but it took death to set her free so she could believe the prophet's Word. You notice that? She had a husband that guided her this way and that way in one of the schools down there. But during this great drought, he had been gobbled up; death had took him. She was no more hooked in any organization; so she was ready now to hear the Word of the Lord. A woman, meaning the Church, a widow, that her husband, the organization, had died, and she was just barely think she's living herself. And God said, "Go down to her now; she'll hear you. I've commanded her."

334 TRUE.EASTER.SEAL.title JEFF.IN V-14 N-3 61-0402
7 004 So then it's wondering about a big tent meeting; that--if that comes, I want to really be there to--all of you that can, in Washington, D.C., at the capital for a--a meeting. Be my first tent meeting, you know, where the Lord promised me He'd meet me in that little place in the meeting. And that they're planning on that now; they called us and told us, the businessmen there, that they would either get the Convention Hall, where we did speak, or put up a big tent. And as soon as he said, "big tent," something kinda registered, maybe that's where the meeting place will be, at the capital house. So that's very, very fine. So we'll see about it, and then let you know a little later as the Holy Spirit leads that way.

335 TRUE.EASTER.SEAL.title JEFF.IN V-14 N-3 61-0402
166 096 And He give Moses two signs of confirmation to prove. And Moses made his own choice. See, Moses made his own choice. So that's easy to understand that (See?), "Thou has chose a..."
Because thou has chosen the narrow path, the harder way, thou has walked of your own choosing.
167 097 Now, here, now this man, now watch how it's wrote, you can see it's wrote in--in foreign words.
Thou has picked the correct and precise decision and it is My way. (Bless God. "It's My way," He said.)
Because of this momentous decision, a huge portion of heaven waits thee. (He had never heard about the vision, you see, that just... You remember the vision.)... huge portion of heaven waits thee. What a glorious decision thou has made. (See?)
This in itself... (Now, here's... From here on, I don't understand.) This in itself is that... (big parentheses around it)... which will give and make come to pass their tremendous victory in the Love Divine.
I don't know what that means, "this will make come to pass." Perhaps in the little tent one of these days, setting back yonder He'll make it known.

E-73 073 Soon (here it comes again) I'll be leaving the field. My ministry's going to change. I can't be an evangelist and a seer at the same time. It builds the people under a false hope.

337 ONLY.BELIEVE.title CHICAGO.IL 61-0427
E-9 009 And so, then when the Holy Spirit had commented on the--what we're looking for to happen at any time now, another gift that's going to be added to the church... And it's a marvelous thing.
And we've probably you've read the articles in our religious papers about it, about the squirrels, and so forth.

E-104 104 You don't realize (See?), what did the Angel of the Lord say? "If you get the people to believe you." And then when you--I say, "Set still." And you don't do it, what does it do? It throws it right back in my face. Satan says, "See, they don't believe you."
Some of you do and some don't, but you hurt the others. Jesus put all of them out of the house one time. See, I'm trying to be both evangelist and a seer. And you can't do that. I'll either go to the woods and be a seer and come in stomping with my message and go back out, or either lay it aside, and God take it away from me, and let me preach the Gospel, and be an evangelist.

339 REV.CHAP.5.PART.2.title JEFF.IN ROJC 747-793 61-0618
207 101 The seven and last one of these seals, when they're opened, is found in Revelations the 10th chapter; there was a mighty Angel (which was Christ) came down and put one foot on the land and one on the sea, and raised up His hand, and says, "The day is finished. Time is run out. It's all over. Time shall be no more."
And He said at the sounding of the... At this time the mystery of God should be finished: Who God is, and how He was made manifest; how when that seal was opened, how we begin to understand now how that He was the Son of God; He was God Himself made flesh; and the revelation of Who He is; that should be finished before this Angel can put His feet upon the land and sea and swear that there'll be time no more when this time comes. We're right in that front yard of it right now. See?
The last one of them is Revelations 10, foot on land and on sea; time had run out; redemption is over; now He comes in as the Lion. He was a Lamb then; now He comes in as Lion of the tribe of Judah.

63 041 Like each Seal broken in the Word of God reveals to the man of the age what age we're living in, the spirit of the age, the church of the age. Revelations 10, at the end we find when the last Seal was broke, we find the Angel standing with one foot on the land and one on the sea, with His hands up to heaven, and a rainbow over His head, swearing by Him that lives forever and ever, that time has run out on the last Seal. And you wait till we get in them Seals and see where that Seal's at. After you find the seventy of weeks, then see where the Seals are. Time has run out. Redemption is over. He is now the Lion and the Judge. He's your Saviour this morning, but one day He'll be your Judge.

150 099 Israel returning to their homeland, Israel... Let me just say this. Now, watch. I guess it's off of tape. Let me say this: The very hour that Israel become a nation... The reason I've always believed--before my class here--that there was something, that I'd have a part before I die of getting Israel back to the Lord, because when... The very hour, by the Pan American chart, that Israel was declared a nation for the first time for two thousand years since they'd been scattered, not a people, it was that very same hour, exactly to the hour, that the Angel of the Lord met me up yonder and sent me to the--with the Gospel--the very same thing: May the 7th, 1946.

158 103 And remember, the very minute that the Jews receive Christ, the Gentile Church is gone. Then the Gentiles has the plagues poured out upon them, the tribulation.

343 MESSAGE.OF.GRACE.title JEFF.IN V-13 N-3 61-0827
21 012 Last year, as all of you know, which is on print and also in testimony and in the tapes, I was setting at a place here in Indiana where the Lord God came down and spoke to me, that my second ministry, that was ready to take place in the near future. And there was spoken into existence three squirrels.

141 073 Israel could not get into action down there with signs and wonders until they fell on their face and prayed for a deliverer. God had His deliverer. God had a prophet hanging up there in the wilderness, kept him there for forty years waiting for them to get right to pray. But when they got right and started praying, then God sent the deliverer. God will do the same thing today, if the people will just get together, get to praying. All right.

180 093 Are you ready? The last Book in the Bible, Revelation, shows us that there will be a return of him in the last days to the Gentile church, signs. How they miss it. He's prophesied to come again just before the great and the second coming of the Lord. In Malachi the 4th chapter and Revelations also the 3rd chapter tells us that he will be here in the last days, that same one that'll stand in the breach for the people with a little flock that God will give him. He'll come in the last days. God said so. He'll be a sign to this Gentile nation that her time is no more.
181 094 And remember, when he appears on the scene, the time is at hand. Let's pray for God to send him. Time is at hand. As soon as his ministry was finished, Messiah showed Himself.
As soon as this great one will come in the last days will finish his ministry, the Messiah will show Himself. It'll be so. The time is at hand, so we better pray. You better start praying.

346 PARADOX.title JEFF.IN V-15 N-8 61-1210
259 129 Now, it used to be in my ministry, it would cause visions. Visions would spring up, and I could tell the people what they were for. And you--how many has seen that done? Oh, all of you. See? That's right. Yeah, I can still do it. Oh, it can still be done. Sure. Yeah. That's it.
But we're coming to something greater than that now. Yes. We're rising above that. See, we're coming to that spoken Word. And Satan will have to do it; it'll tie him in a knot. If I can only get you to believe it. Don't you doubt it.

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