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Section Two - Quotes from 1958-1959 (201-255)

E-9 009 And I want to say this--this. I do believe that shortly, that next step in my ministry is coming up right now, which will be far beyond this now. How... Is there anybody here that remembers the first beginning of my ministry when I put my hand on somebody? You remember that? All right. How many remembers that the Lord promised right then if I'd be sincere I would know the secrets of their heart? How many knows it was said back there? See it happen? Now, there's something else coming right now. It's coming right away now. And it's going to be still greater, and I think will be the last. It may not this... All of it works together just the same.

E-13 013 As I just was hearing Dr. Vayle as I was leaving, saying that my ministry was changing... Oh, I'm so happy. Not... This isn't going to leave; it'll remain. It always... But it's going to be something greater.
Last evening, when we were going from the building, after a little child had been so very disturbing, mentally gone, and the little mother could not even hold it in the building; it was just kicking and screaming and, oh, carrying on awful. And she'd take it outside, and I could hear it way down the hall. And then after this... The Lord had did great things. On the road out, there the little mother was holding that poor little mental baby; it's little eyes, almost out on it's cheeks; it's little mouth drawn sideways; and it was kicking and screaming. And when I come up, it just went into a tantrum. But oh, that blessed something, the presence of the Holy Spirit... I said to Mr. Vayle and to Billy, who were taking me out, I said, "Here is the new coming." And caught the little fellow by the arm and said, "Dear God, let it return normal." And it stopped, and looked up at me, and smiled, and the mother picked it up and left the building.

E-65 065 You know, I'd like to bring a big tent and pitch it here for a little while, right among you good people, and just stay so we can have a afternoon teaching service amongst ministers, and things, and let the churches be set up, you know. What... I believe the Holy Ghost would help us do it.

204 WHY.ARE.WE.NOT.A.DENOMINATION?.title JEFF.IN V-11 N-7 58-0927
1 001 And if God's willing, I have kind of, the Lord has promised me a different and new type of ministry. And if He pleased to do so, I hope to begin that--that new type of service this coming week here at the Tabernacle for the first place.

205 WHY.ARE.WE.NOT.A.DENOMINATION?.title JEFF.IN V-11 N-7 58-0927
7 006 So we want this to be a real healing service. And before I get anyone into the rooms and so forth for the healing, or this new services, I want them to really understand what they're coming there for.
So just remember, and come and visit us, and we'd be glad to have you.

211 119 Now, we'll pray for them emergency cases, but then after about a couple of nights, I want to start in on my new ministry. And I want to take them back here in this room, because you know the vision. How many remembers the vision (Sure you do.) of the little tent in the room.
Now, I'm going to take Meda in with me on the first night on account of sending women in. And then if it--see how it works just with her in there. And then, if it don't work right that way, then I'll turn around and send two women in at a time, bring two women at one time, 'cause they're coming into a place where there's just a man. See? And that... 'Course now we got a clean minds, but the devil don't have it out there (You see?), so--what he'd think about it (See?) and what the world say. But it's a ministry that I can't let be known to the public. No one will ever duplicate this. You see? No, sir. No, I know it's right on the merge now. I can just, look like, just reach out there and take ahold of it; it's laying right there.
213 120 Last night I was dreaming just before I got up this morning, Brother Neville; I--I was dreaming a dream, and I thought the ministry... I don't know what I was doing, but whatever it was it was, oh, you talk about things taking place; I never seen such. I woke up just a-crying; I was praising. I'd hit my wife in the face with my hand like that, like that, just a-praising God, laying there. Oh I--I just know that there's something right out here just ready to reach over and get ahold of it. It's going to be greater than it's ever been. It's going to be wonderful. I believe God's fixing to do something great. But now, we got to approach it sanely, intelligently, and right in the Word of God. Correct. Oh, we love Him.

E-3 003 And it's been told me, some time ago by a vision, that the Lord gave me, some year ago, I suppose, or maybe a little more... I have it wrote out in a book at home, of a changing of a ministry. And many of you people setting here, I wouldn't say many, but remember, when we first built this Tabernacle? You remember the vision that come the morning we laid the cornerstone there, when He said, "This is not your tabernacle. But He set me under the skies," and said... told me that different things would take place.
If you know, you watched that come to pass, just exactly as it was told. See? And it always has been that way; so therefore, I rest assuredly that what He says, it's God, and it has to be true.
E-4 004 And then some time ago I was in a vision, and I saw a large tent. Oh, it was a mammoth, big affair. And I'd just been speaking, and many souls were at the altar, and were just kindly weeping with their hands up, quietly, and softly. A nice gentle spoken man came out to the platform and said, "Now, they will form the prayer line, while Brother Branham's making ready." And I was standing that way... Of course the prayer line would been to my left. And I noticed a crowd of people, that seemed to cover a city block or more, that was standing in line.
E-5 005 There was a little building, wooden building, inside of this tent. And there was a woman, standing there or man one, taking names. And people were going in on crutches, and stretchers, and coming out the other side, walking. Well, I wondered what all had taken place in there. And then that Angel of the Lord, Who's picture you see here, It went from me, and went right over that little building, and stood there, and then went down. And a voice spoke and said, "I'll meet you in that place."
Well, now, I've looked forward for that time.

E-10 010 And if it so pleases Thee, Lord, if it's in Thy divine program, we would ask, oh God, that in this building You would start this new gift to operating,

E-70 070 But know I'm going in... And my wife back there, honey, there's both men and women in there. I'm just going in to see what will happen. I trust that the new ministry will be ministered in there. God knows I've told the Word just as true as I know it in the Bible. And that's right. And I'm going back to see what God will do.
E-71 071 Now, tomorrow night, the Lord willing, we won't have a baptismal service, 'less it's emergency, someone wants to be baptized. But immediately in the next ten or fifteen minutes, the baptismal service will be taking place. And then, tomorrow night there'll be... I want to ask my sis--my daughter-in-law in here, (sister-in-law, why...)--my daughter-in-law if she found the prayer cards today. Loyce, did you find them? Never found them. Well, we'll write some. We--we'll get some some way. And we'll give the prayer cards out tomorrow night, the Lord willing, and start our prayer lines coming around, regular fashion prayer lines, if something doesn't take place in a few minutes in the room.

E-8 008 Now, we're trying each night to find something that I'm seeking after. And that is that God by a vision has told me that my ministry is making its third change. And I'm longing for it to begin here at the Tabernacle. I don't know whether it will or not, but I am longing for it to do that. And I trust that It'll be some way that will--I will be able to preach the Gospel in such a way or do something that will help suffering humanity to a happier way of life and a more healthier way of life. It's my sincere desire.

E-2 002 Now, last evening I took a group into the prayer room in here for--just to see if the new ministry that has been promised would come into existence in the tabernacle here before we hit the tent. Well now, as far as I know, there was nothing, no more than just--just soon as I went in there, the Spirit of the Lord came in, and It just started discerning the spirits, and telling the people of their troubles, and so forth.
E-3 003 But I wonder... I ask those people if there were any possible way for them to stay. I would just like to ask them if there has been a change in them, if they feel that they have been healed or any visible change in any way. I ask them, tonight, if I'd call for them, if they could get in the building, I'd like for them to hold up their hand. Now, if they're here and didn't have to go home--they were out-of-town people--and if they didn't have to go home, and has got inside the building, and you feel that there has been a great change, would you hold up your hand, the ones that--of any here that was in the building last night and was prayed for back here. As I don't see any hands, I don't know whether the people could even stay.
There... [Brother Neville says, "One."--Ed.] One... One, back here. All right. A... One there. Well, that's very fine. You feel that there has been a change in... Is that right, sir? You'd that held your hand? [The man begins to testify--Ed.] Well, that's good. [He continues--Ed.] We... [He continues--Ed.] That's very fine and we're thankful. There was nothing visible that we could see, you see, because...
E-5 005 And it seemed like that maybe, it's just go to continue on for awhile, until that tent comes in, up under the same ministry that I've had, because in the interviews today, there were four, great, outstanding visions took place in--in the interviews. So it seemingly, maybe, I will continue on until that maybe the tent starts, or wherever it is He has chosen to begin to declare His Name in a new way. But when it does, it'll be just as perfect as the others. It'll be just... And I'm trusting to God that it will be greater than the others; not because of--of our ministry, but because of the sick and needy people. There's such a need in the land today.

212 GOD.CALLED.MAN.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-27 58-1005E
2-4 006 I have thought maybe during this meeting that from a vision that I have had, that my ministry is going to be changed to a better and greater ministry. Now, it's just going to happen just as sure as you people have heard these other three ministries predicted--or these other two. This one will be just like that, only greater. But the first night I just called the people up here to the altar, went right straight back to discernment. The second night, I taken them into the room, went right straight to discernment. And the last two nights then, we have brought them here on the platform: just straight to discernment.

213 GOD.CALLED.MAN.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-27 58-1005E
3-2 008 And oh, the time would not permit of the things that our Lord has done. So to us, that gives us courage to know that it's just near; something's fixing to happen great.

E-60 058 As you know, my ministry's changing. And, oh, what a glorious change. All of you remembers the word that's been ringing, and every time it happens, something happens. When I going to speak on that, come, come to me, "Say to this mountain." Why has it been? It's been faith. Anything is by faith.

215 BE.CERTAIN.OF.GOD.title JEFF.IN V-5 N-12 59-0125
133 054 Lord God, I put my own hands up, for I know that I've got a change of ministry now. And I believe that You are; I've seen You standing yonder in a Pillar of Fire. I've seen You search the secrets of men's hearts, and not one time have You failed. You promised it when You made it yonder across the street here, when You first started dealing to do these things. And You protected me around the world and around and around. I'm sure You're God; I'm certain of that.

216 STRAIT.IS.THE.GATE.title JEFF.IN CH 35-66 59-0301M
185 091 The other day Leo and I was setting on the street, and some of us talking. And I keep feeling there's a change coming, a change coming. When we spoke of it, it won't be a change in my ministry, 'cause it can't be no more, but it'll be a change in me.

E-42 042 When the Lord gave me a vision and said the change will be when a woman will come to the platform, how she'd be dressed, and would have a little baby that was uncurable, wrapped in a little blanket, and the baby would be healed. She'd be wearing a coat suit, and how she'd look, and all like that. And that would be the time that my ministry would change. How many's ever heard me say that? 'Course, for years. How many knows when it happened? Right down here in the Armory, when I was here the last time.
Walking across the floor, my wife, my daughter-in-law, and even Billy, and they were all there. And I seen this little woman a coming. I had a prayer line moving. And this little lady come, and I thought, "Well, I--I don't believe I... There's somewhere I've knowed that woman, but I can't quite place her." See, it'd been so long, five or six years. Though it lingers, yet, it will speak in its day.
E-43 043 Let's see, is there five over there, Billy? Billy? Is the five there? 1 to 5? 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... 5--5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. All right.
E-44 044 And so, I looked around to find Billy. He wasn't on the platform. I looked for my wife. And her and Loyce, my daughter-in-law, they were looking some other way. And I seen what it was, it was the little woman. She had the baby. And she brought the baby up, prayed, and the Lord Jesus healed her, made her well--made the baby well.
E-50 050 And from that, the thing's changed. Everybody... I can bring every--all of them up and pray for them. That doesn't matter. And every one... Sometime along the line, the Holy Spirit will stop me, and say, "Talk to this one." And then usually, if I've had discernment on one, I couldn't have no more. Every time I met a person, it'd be the same thing. But now it isn't. See? I can have, maybe, go along, and something has to be, I see somebody looks like they're going to need it, the Holy Spirit will sometimes talk, stop, speak to them. Then maybe It'll leave me completely. And maybe It'll go way on down somewhere else, maybe somebody else, maybe discouraged or something; It'll stop, tell them. Then completely leave me.
And I rest up between those times (You see?), so I can make an altar call. Oh, it's--it's way different than it used to be. That way, I can pray for every one of them, every person. And my meeting has been revolutionized, because the thing the people here thought, "There's not enough gets prayed for." Well, I couldn't help it. When I'd have discernment for one, He'd bounce right to another, and then I just couldn't come away from It. But now It does. It just leaves me, and goes on (You see?), 'cause God takes a notion to say something. Oh, that's much better.

4 004 And it may be, Lord, that this promise that I've just been previously speaking of in the meeting with You there yesterday, right after daylight, and how that You confirmed it over and over again. And we feel that the hour is very close. And may this be the day, Lord, that it'll happen, that You will change the ministry, Lord, into something that'll be more gracious to Thy people.

69 042 My ministry of this discernment and so forth, it'll soon end now. Oh, it'll always be there, but it'll soon end this 'cause there's going to something greater. See? It's going on up; from taking ahold of the hand, up to the discernment, and now she's fixing to make another one. See? See it? Watch it and know that it's true. See? I know it is the truth, and it'll go greater, higher, better. Sure. Why, He promised it; and what He promises, He does. He can't fail in His promise.

71 043 This discernment, remember, I'm speaking this: the discernment will soon be to the end. It'll be something so much greater and so much better, just in the way. There was, that I know. See, I'm looking at two brothers now was standing with me yesterday when that happened (See?), and day before when it happened. And that's three times in a row now it's happened. A confirmation that it's right now at hand (See?), just fixing to take place.

87 051 And that's the reason I believe that the Church of the living God is going to see a greater thing than this. It's fixing to step right into it now, shortly (See?), because they have believed it. Those who have rejected it because of denominational barriers, I doubt whether they'll ever believe anything. See? Things... You'll either walk in Light or be blind. Light blinds, or either shows the path.

222 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-2 002 And we're expecting... I have a greater inspec--expectation this morning, then most any meeting I have ever been on yet, because I believe that we're just at the eve of something fixing to happen. I've looked forward to it for a long time. And I--I believe that we're right on the verge of it now, for something that God is going to help His children a little further up the road.
You know, the Bible said that when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God would raise up a standard against it. And when God gives His Church a blessing, and they move along in that blessing so long until it becomes common to the world, then they begin to run it down. Then the Spirit of God comes in and raises up a standard again. And there is a breaking forth of a revival, or something.

223 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-47 047 You're confirming my ministry. This'll be six times that You've confirmed it to me." The number of man, six times.

224 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-60 060 I said, "I wonder if it is that my ministry is fixing to take a change, that the God of Abraham is confirming His promise as He did to Abraham."

225 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-63 063 Seven times He had confirmed it by an animal. Seven is God's complete number. Here's the first time on a human being.

226 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-63 063 God knows what He's doing. Said, "Ask what you will."
Hattie said to me, "Brother Branham, what do you mean?"
I said, "Ask anything your heart desires, and it shall be produced right here, that you'll know that the Lord God of heaven answers, and His Scriptures are true." My first time with the new gift, my first anointing.

227 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-73 073 I believe there's another worldwide shaking coming. These things I've told you is the truth. At the day of the judgment, I'll face you yonder with the same story, just as true as I'm standing here.
Now, I'm sure you all could see what it is. It's a coming of a greater, deeper anointing of the Holy Spirit.

228 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-78 078 Oh, brother, sister, do you realize the day we're living in? The most glorious time, when God of heaven will put amongst human beings to ask anything you will, and He will give it to you... Why, it's--it's too deep for my mind, I know that. But I hope that my heart can contain as much of it as I can. It--it just... I have lived on it. I have thrived on it. I'm going westward on it. I'm entering meetings on it. I'm living on it. And God's Words is right.
E-79 079 Now, as far as I know, that's the last thing to happen. I don't know nothing else, what it could be, just to give to human beings, "Ask anything that you desire. No matter what it is, just ask it, and it'll be given to you."

229 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-80 080 How many's been in here when we've had the discernments and things? Oh, all of you, I suppose, everybody here. See? We know that that's true. We're moving beyond that now. Oh, praise be to God, we're moving beyond that now.

230 NEW.MINISTRY.title JEFF.IN 59-1115
E-35 035 Something moved back and say, "Say what you will, and it shall be given to you."
I said, "Lord, are You changing my ministry? Is this the change You been speaking of? Is this what it's coming to? Is this what it'll be, something in that little house that I saw in the vision. Is this it?"
Just then, a reel deep, sweet anointing of the Holy Spirit raised me like off of my feet, and said, "Say what you will, and it shall be given unto you."
E-36 036 I stood there amazed. It left me, I had nothing. I thought, "Well, what could I say? There's no sick people here. There's nothing here. I'm in the woods. What could I say? What--what--what could I do?" And I thought, "Wha--Wha... Am I losing my mind? Have I studied so hard till I'm--my mental powers are cracking up?"
And just then, I heard It just the same as you hear me, said, "Aren't you hunting? And you have no game?" Said, "Speak anything that you wish."
Well, I thought, "Since God said, 'Prove all things,'" I said, "Lord God, if that be You, and this is a sign that You're fixing to change my ministry from those visions to something greater I've for so longed." I said, "Let it come to pass that You'll answer my prayer."
And I stood there a little bit. And I thought, "What did He say? He didn't say, 'Pray,' He said, 'Say what you will.' Just say it, and your words will materialize. Say to this mountain, and it'll do just as you say."
E-37 037 So I put my shoulder against the tree. And I'm used to... Got my rifle set for fifty yards to drive tacks. So I--I looked around to see a tree at fifty yards. And the one that was fifty yards away up out of the leaves, I said, "It's almost total impossible for a squirrel to come to that tree. Right near them farmers there picking their corn." I said, "But there will be a red squirrel come out on the end of that limb and set down there, and I'll shoot him from here."

E-1 001 And I'm exceedingly happy for many things that the Lord has did for us since I seen you last. And soon as maybe the first of the week, or maybe before, I wish to take one night to explain something that the Lord has did for us. And we're looking for it to break forth in its fullness during this meeting.

E-36 036 I truly am expecting a great change in my ministry right away. Until that comes... It's happened once, until it comes, I'll remain with my regular ministry. But oh, if it will just take place this week, there'll be a shaking through this country, I promise you, that you've never dreamed of. And the great ransomed church of God will take a move forward. Remember I say it, "THUS SAITH THE LORD." If it'll just happen now...

E-36 036 How many knew me when I had my first ministry through the west coast here? How many of the same ones will raise up your hands and say that you heard me say that the Holy Spirit told me that it would come to pass, that if I be sincere, not be greedy with money, and--and not be--try to be some big person, but be humble and keep little and low, that He'd give to me the gift to know the secret of the heart? How many knows that I said that would happen? Now, that's happened. Now, He promised me, "Keep humble and I will do the exceedingly, abundantly." And it's right at the making right now. So it might happen any time.

234 WHO.IS.THIS.title SAN.JOSE.CA 59-1122
E-2 002 Coming in yesterday, Satan has been giving me a--kind of a rough way to go, as you know what the street expression, and I had been feeling the effects of his presence, spiritually speaking, for some time, because I believe it's the bringing in of my new ministry. He will do everything he can to knock me away from that, but I'm going right on by the grace of God.

235 WHO.IS.THIS.title SAN.JOSE.CA 59-1122
E-4 004 So remember this coming week now, if the Lord is willing, we'll be speaking Monday night, the Lord willing, upon the issuing in of the new ministry. Now, many know that way back from the beginning, how the Holy Spirit revealed first before I started on a gift. And then I come up the west coast and across Canada for three or four years, telling you that He said that something else would come which would be far greater. Then along it came. Then he said, "Just keep humble; keep away from money and all the things of the world. Don't never try to be big; just stay humble; and there'd be something else greater." Now, that's coming in now. You see?

E-4 004 I would like to--to just get inside and let you know a little about the dealings of the Holy Spirit in my own life. And I--I hope in doing so that it'll let you prosper, get closer to God yourself. And on speaking of a Divine gift that's now in the making of coming to the church... And I'm sure that all of us are interested in anything that God's going to do, and the promises of God being fulfilled. So it's only been told once and so that was at my own tabernacle in Indiana.
E-5 005 Then tonight I was going to try to tell you what happened just in the last few days. It's new; it's fresh; and I'll--and that'll help you, I thought, starting tonight and beginning this week's meeting. It'll help you to pray for me and to pray for the church, and that we all might enter into this great thing that God's already confirmed, we could enter into it in this meeting. I want to see it happen so bad. I--I'm just like a child waiting for Christmas to come, just--just waiting with anticipations for it to happen. It will be hard on myself, of course, but it'll be--it'll be a good thing for the church. That's what I'm interested in: God's people, something to help them to believe on God, to take a new hold. And it'll be a great thing for the sick too.

E-38 038 And I--I started moving my hands around like this and walking around, and Something said, "Say what you will, and it shall given to you."
I waited and listened; I thought, "Was that... Where You at, Sir?"
And I heard it again, "Ask what you will, and it shall be given unto you. I'm confirming the things that I will do."
And I said, "But what should I..." I thought, "Who am I talking to?" I--I felt like I'd lost my mind. I thought, "Who am I talking to? I don't see a person. Where's that Light at? It usually is the One talk to. There's no Light here. Who are You? Where--what do You want?"
I thought Something said, "Ask what you will." That's right. I was thinking of that Scripture: Mark 11:23, "Ask what you will." I thought, "Well, what would I ask? There's no sick people here, what could I do?" I thought, "There's nothing out--maybe, am I beside myself?" I said, "What would I ask for?"
And Something, just as plain as you hear my voice saying, "Aren't you hunting? And you have no game?"
I said, "That's right." I thought, "Is this... Lord," I said, "if I'm--if I'm doing anything wrong, You forgive me." Now, isn't that awful? If you're doing anything wrong. I said, "Lord, if I'm doing anything wrong, forgive me. But is this You? Is this the Scripture that You're trying to get to me? Is this that other step that we're coming up to? You give me a vision and said it be confirmed in a little building somewhere in a meeting when the tents get started." I said, "Is this what it's leading to? If it is, Lord, then I'll take You by Your Word."

E-55 055 I said, "Just like I been having visions. When the Lord would tell me in a vision, 'Go do a certain thing, a certain...'" Why, my, there would be no question in my mind, just go do it. Never fails, so it's just got to happen.
See, you've got to believe that what you're doing... You got to have faith and confidence. And I have in the visions. When the vision... Listen, this might sound radical. but if the Lord God Who's here on this platform now, and can tell the secret of every heart in here, or tell you what will be or what won't be... You know that, you see it night after night. If He'd tell me that George Washington was going to rise from the grave tomorrow out of the National Cemetery, I'd invite the whole world to come see it done. That's exactly right. I believe Him. He's never failed me. And I've seen visions since I was eighteen months old. And not one time has it ever failed, and it never will, because it's God.

E-37 037 And no more than I'd said that, till I--the anointing of the Holy Spirit struck me like I have never had before in all my life. God knows that. I raised up to my feet; I got scared. And Something said to me, "Now, this is the beginning of your new ministry. Now, ask what you will, and it shall be given to you."
I stood there. I--I don't want to be a fanatic, I--God knows I want to be sane, and just, and honest, and faithful, and true. Well now, I'm fifty years old, can't be too much longer that I've got to go meet Him. And I want to be--know that everything is perfectly right before I leave this world. And I thought, "I don't want to be off on a deep end of something," I thought, "maybe I'd..." Now, I'd bite my finger; I said, "I'm not asleep, I'm not dreaming this, so something's wrong." And I was real numb like all over my face and everything. I thought, "Maybe I just studying it so much till I got into a place I can't shake myself out of it." And I thought, usually when anointing comes deeply a vision follows it. I thought, "Well I'll just--I'll just wait here a minute."

E-58 058 And I said, "What's bothered me always has been this. On those squirrels," I said, "where... Brother Wood," I said, "we're supposed to be good squirrel hunters. I hunted since I was a little boy." And I said, "And--and you're an expert hunter." And I said, "Since little boys we've hunted squirrels. Under those conditions, Brother Wood, where did those squirrels come from?" I said, "I can't never figure it out. I was standing right there looking over the grounds, and I said, 'There shall be a squirrel right there.' And I'd been setting there for forty-five minutes. And no more than I took my finger down, there was a squirrel. And each time it was that way. The squirrel come from nowhere."
E-59 059 And I said, "The only thing I could think it to be, would be this, when God was trying to tell Abraham, what--how He was going to bless him." I said, "If this be my new ministry that's coming in, something greater, that He will finally confirm in that little building..." I said, "If it be that, like Abraham, the thing that Abraham needed was a sacrifice instead of his son, in Genesis 22.

E-51 051 And oh my, that morning was terrible; it was a blizzard and going on. I thought, "That's terrible." So I thought, "Well, there's only one thing I can do to prove it. Now, it--Lord, it wasn't Your fault. Because You--when I--You told me that, to speak, and I spoke for those three and the three was there. But Brother Tony just misunderstood it; that's all." And I said, "I'm going back down and pick him up and the other brother and bring them here and show them where the--where the stump was, to let them know that I--I'd like--I thought I was right. I told the truth about knowing the squirrel was there."
And I put it--started down the hill, and Something said to me, "But you said, coming up, that you'd find the squirrel." Amen. Oh, you just don't know what that does to me. "You said you shall find the squirrel."
I thought, "Where could I find him? Here's the woods, not a leaf on a tree, and they're all piled up around here. There's the tree where the squirrel fell. Here's just one thing he could've hid under could have been this log, and I've took every little piece away from it, not another hole in the tree nowhere, and there's the only place."
But He said, "You said you would find it."
E-52 052 Well, I kicked around in the leaves and everything; I thought, "Oh, Billy, you've went off of the--the deep end." And I started going on down, started... Said, "But you said you would find it."
I thought, "That's right." I said when that anointing was on me, "I shall find the squirrel." And if that's a confirmation of my ministry beginning again, then the squirrel's got to be here somewhere. I said, "I can't find it, where's it at?"
Something said, "Look under that piece of bark." And I went and picked--started to pick--I said, "Yes, praise the Lord, it's under the bark."
And I went over to pick up the piece of bark and something said, "But what if it isn't under there?"
"Oh," I said, "it'll be under there." And I picked it up, and there was no squirrel. And I thought, "There's something funny." Now... But I said, "That was the same inspiration that told me the three would be there; the same inspiration was on me when I said that would be there, so it's got..." I looked down there again, I seen just a little, couple little gray hairs sticking out from under the leaves. I picked it up, and there was my squirrel.
Now, you talk about a little Irishman shouting; you ought to heard me going down that hill. I really was a happy boy. I went home and told the folks about it. And my, how we was all rejoicing. Brother Tony said, "Brother Branham, I didn't know I prayed that way."
And I said, "But you did." And Brother Charlie and them was talking about it, how that he--he did pray that way.

E-59 059 I said, "If the Lord was confirming my ministry there, to let me know that He's going to help His people and let me do it," I said, "then the same Jehovah-jireh... I was in need of a squirrel the same as he was in need of a ram, and I believe that Jehovah-jireh placed it there by His same spoken Word. It wasn't me anyhow, 'cause I didn't know what I was saying. He said it Himself."

E-61 061 Friend, do you realize what that was? I have never in all my life had felt such anointing. The first time it was ever performed on a human being, it bypassed aristocrats, it bypassed everything else, and went to a poor little old widow woman living up on the hill there. And God knowed what she'd ask. Her two boys was gloriously saved the very minute it was spoken. If she'd have asked for ten thousand dollars, it'd have been given to her. If she'd have asked for her sister's healing, it'd been given to her. Anything she would've asked, it would've been given to her.
E-62 062 I believe that the church of the living God is moving into a sphere now that's going to shake the whole world. That's the first time it's been since the days of Jesus of Nazareth to a human being. "Ask anything that you will, and it shall be given unto you, anything you desire." Don't you see the words of Jesus Christ being fulfilled? Oh, it's going to come to pass pretty soon. I'm looking for it to happen in this meeting. I'm wanting it to happen now, that that anointing will strike the whole church of the living God, and she'll rise to her feet like a mighty marching army. The sick will be healed by a word; the blind will see; the deaf will hear; the dead will be raised up; and the power of God will shake the world with the church of the living God. We're in the process of it now. I believe it's soon coming to pass. I believe it will be just exactly that way. I believe it's going to strike the church of God soon, and it's going to start a revival that'll shake the world. I believe it.
E-63 063 The Lord God of heaven Who made heavens and earth, whose servant I am, and stand here now before you, and in the Name of Jesus Christ, those words are true. Oh, we're near something. My heart's waiting with anticipation. I can't even rest in my hotel room. Last night I couldn't sleep at all. It's never left me; it... I couldn't sleep on the road out here; I didn't sleep for about two or three hours a night. I just can't rest because I know that something's fixing to happen. Our God's going to move on the scene just as sure as we're standing here.
Just as sure as He said back yonder about the discernment in the hand and the secrets of the heart, He's promised something else, and here it is already confirmed among the people.

E-64 064 Oh, ministers of the Gospel, my precious brothers, I tell you the truth, so help me, God knows that's true. And we're just shadowing something near at hand now. I don't know just where, when, or how, but I'm told you exactly the God's truth, and God knows that's true. The Holy Spirit's here now, healing, healing. Let's get our souls healed tonight; let's get ourself fixed in condition.
E-65 065 I told Billy not to give out any prayer cards tonight. I didn't want a prayer line. I want a consecration. I want this church to draw so close to God. I want it to get so close to God until when we might be in this meeting here, that that'll break forth through this church here. I'm telling you: when that takes place, the coming of the Lord is at hand. The enemy with their atomic bombs is coming in like a flood. The Spirit of God's rising a standard against it constantly.
And just remember, just as I told you about--from the discernment, taking the hand, to the secrets of the heart, how them things is fulfilled every time, so has this happened just exactly the way it said it would be. And it's just exactly with the Scriptures. As it was proved to you about knowing the secret of the heart, how that Jesus looked upon the multitudes, and discerned, and could tell the people that touched His garment, and so forth, how that that rain, latter rain, former rain and latter would be together, as we had yesterday. That's exactly.

E-36 069 How do I know these things? It's not me; it's Him that's speaking. I've told the truth about Him. There is breaking forth something new. Watch and see, it's already happening. It'll break forth just as certain as I'm standing in this platform. All right, be ready for it, to receive the Lord God in great blessings. You church of the God, church of the living God, each one of you.

E-70 070 Lord God, I consecrate myself. Help me in this new ministry, Lord, that Your power, and Your strength, and Your mercy will anoint me with the Holy Ghost, and that You'll consecrate this church and these things that I said about these animals that You spoke into existence. Lord God, take Your church into power, into Your custody, and fill with the Holy Ghost.

E-73 073 Lord God, try me, if there's any evil in me, take it away, Lord. If there's anything that You could use me for to help Your church and Your people further to a better ministry, to a better understanding of God, here I am, Lord, speak and Your servant will hear. I'll answer, Lord, just speak and I'll do anything that You'd say to me to do.
Lord God, may I have favor in Your sight, not for self glory. You've tried in the fires of that, Lord, but for the help of Your church, and the sake of Your people that's scattered throughout the world now. May they become together as one church, as one unit, as one... As one person may we stand in the power of the resurrection. And may You pour out Your Spirit and gifts upon Your church that'll be a outstanding thing to the world, Lord, that'll cause all men to know what they have left behind. Grant it, Lord. We give these prayers to You for answer, believing that You'll do it, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-75 075 Let it be like that in your heart. I believe God's going to do a great thing among us. It's already started. And if it's started like this, what will it be after it goes a little while? Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

E-22 022 It was just a few weeks ago, about three weeks ago, when I set down by some sycamore trees, as I was telling you, and begin to think. It was there for the first time that He came and declared the new ministry to me. Think on Him. "Draw nigh unto Me, and I'll draw nigh unto you," saith the Lord. Think upon Him.

132 073 I said, "God, be merciful to me." I said, "Oh, looky here. I'm always..." And I took my wife (back there) by the hand, across this Bible and her little Bible, and I said, "Honey, I've been too negative. The Holy Spirit condemns me within me." I said, "I think of them squirrels out yonder. I think of Hattie Wright back there and the little boys. I think of what God did, showing that He was God that could create." Hallelujah. I thought, "He's told me that years ago, 'I'll not leave you; I'll never forsake you. No man will stand before you all the days of your life. I'll be with you. And from this hand of discernment, it'll come till you'll know the secret of the heart. After that, it'll raise higher and higher.'" A year after that proved perfect the world around. Here comes this--this other great ministry far beyond it. I said, "Honey, I take your hand. By God's help and God's grace, never let me be negative again. Let me walk forth to this revival here to preach like never before. Let me go here to first sanctify myself and make a way for the people, that my own sins, my own neglecting be under the Blood, my own shortcomings be under the Blood, that I might walk out and say, 'Follow me, people.'" That's right. I hate to see a guy say, "You go do it." I like to see somebody that'll lead the way to do it. Yes, sir.

172 097 And Lord, those who are old veterans here, they put up their hands. I had up mine. Oh, Lord, give us strength. Give us power to stretch forth the hand of Thy--the holy Child Jesus, that signs and wonders might be done, that it might be a deeper ministry, a greater thing than has ever happened yet. Give us boldness and love to speak to the people. Grant it, Lord. Be with us in all things; we ask in Jesus' Name.

252 QA.ON.THE.HOLY.GHOST.title JEFF.IN COD 59-1219
411-20 012 Jesus said, "Say to this mountain..." And you've heard the--about what's been taken place; that's the ministry that we're entering into. We're way up the road now. Soon the coming of the Lord Jesus. And we've got to have rapturing faith in a church that can be changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye to go out, or we'll not go. But don't worry, it'll be there. It'll be there. And when the power of this church rises, it'll bring its brethren; the power of that church rises will bring its brethren; the power of that church will bring the other brethren; then there'll be a general resurrection. We're looking forward to it.

253 QA.ON.THE.HOLY.GHOST.title JEFF.IN COD 59-1219
411-22 013 And I'm... That ministry is just about fading out anyhow; there's something greater coming in. Remember, that's where each time it's been said across this platform or across this pulpit, and it never has failed yet. You remember the ministry about the hand? See what it did? The thoughts of the heart, see what it did? Now, watch this: speak the Word, and see what It does. See? I told you here years ago--the church (I'm talking to the tabernacle.)--years ago, three or four years ago, something was fixing to materialize; it's fixing to take place. And here it is now breaking right in to... It's shaping itself up. Now, we're grateful for that. Oh, how thankful we are, just so glad.

E-15 015 Of my little experience with Christ, I've found the times that--that He would permit me to yield myself to Him till I didn't know what I was saying. And I wouldn't have said that for nothing in the world, but He said it.
Hattie setting back there, the lady. The other day when this new ministry, which I trust will come in this morning... And all of you's heard about it. And when we were setting, and there's at least eight or ten right here now was setting present at that time. And when the Holy Spirit turned to that woman, and told her to ask anything that she desired, and it would be given to her... You think I would have said that? If I could, I'd say it right now. But I couldn't say that. And I trembled; I was so weak. Brother Banks Wood (standing there) was setting next to me. And the perspiration run off of my hands, and I was so weak till I got up and left the house. It scared me so bad. But the woman's asked for one of the greatest things that anyone could ask and received it.
See, that was God. That wasn't a man.

9 006 And then if I ever have tent meetings, which I'm figuring on doing, the Lord willing, someday, then I--I will... Before I teach anything of these teachings, first will be morning services with the pastors for several days, let them know what I'm fixing to teach.

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