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Section One - Quotes from 1950-1957 - (101-152)

101 PRODIGAL.title CLEVELAND.OH 50-0827A
E-3 003 I'm so thankful for the ministers here, and seem that kinda inspired or something that helps along. But that's the purpose of being here, is trying to help others. We... I could never take the message to all the world myself. It's going to take thousands of us together--together so we can unite ourselves, forgetting about our churches, and our doctrines, and so forth, to just know this one thing: Christ and Him crucified, and know that among us. And I think that God is fixing to do a marvelous work right away. I believe we're going to see the moving of the Spirit, like we have never in all the ages.
And I feel led to say this, which I've felt for some time, the last few weeks, that I believe that the little portion that God has given to me to try to minister here if I'll just...?... expecting for something else that'll be more marvelous than what you've ever...?... These signs that God has given me is more important...?... And I believe it'll be more greater things than ever in Indiana. Pray for me. And others can catch the inspiration and just move up close to God like a great Christian army go marching on.

E-40 040 Remember me telling you that it'd come a time where the people secrets of their heart would be known? Is the... That's what the Lord has done. That's what He's done now. And here me. Listen...?... it down, it's still though in its infancy. Can you bear me record of that? It's in its infancy. If I can only keep humble before God, and God will let me live, I believe the hour's coming.
Feels like I'm in a tributary here out to a great ocean out yonder. Someday, He's going to let me cross that last mark down there, out into that tribut--not the tributary, but out into the main lands, main waters, bodies of water, then great things will be done just at the end before the tribulation.

103 ANGEL.OF.THE.LORD.title TOLEDO.OH 51-0718
E-21 021 Now, I'm leaving the fields right away. I have one more--two more American meetings. And God only knows when I will ever have another one. I'm returning back, as Elijah, to Mount Carmel. I believe God is fixing to do something else for the Church, and I must wait on the Lord, and find out what He says do, and then there'll be a great move for the Lord.

104 ISRAEL.AT.KADESH.BARNEA.title JEFF.IN IC 97-128 53-0328
79 041 And I believe we're on the borderland tonight. I was wondering about all my meetings and things, how I had to cancel them out. I truly believe, before the church can have the rapture, it's got to have rapturing faith. We can't even have faith for Divine healing, let alone rapturing faith. Got to have a faith that'll change and quicken this body, and be taken away. I believe there's a church on its road tonight, a power of the living God, that men will speak the Word here and there, and it'll flash like lightning. And a church is coming out, not a psychologist, not some of this put-on, make-belief; but a real, true, genuine, anointed Holy Ghost, called-out church. Amen.

105 ISRAEL.IN.THE.HOMELAND.title JEFF.IN IC 129-147 53-0329
7 004 And I believe the Lord is fixing now, the reason He's brought me in out of the field and set me down; I believe it's His memorial, seven years, He's going to raise up another bracket, go on a little farther, "When the enemy comes in like a flood," He said, "I'll raise up a standard against it."

106 ISRAEL.IN.THE.HOMELAND.title JEFF.IN IC 129-147 53-0329
91 052 Something about it. Hallelujah. What is it? There's a deep in here calling to a Deep. Brother, I believe when the deep's in here calling, there's a Deep out there to respond to it. As long as there's a hunger in a human heart now to move out and to do something for God, that shows that there's something pushing down, coming down to us. We're near the thing, brother. Listen tonight. I believe this, in the Name of the Lord, that the things that we have done are little minor things to what God's fixing to do right now. You're going to hear of great things.

E-42 042 Listen, God bless you. I want to tell you just one thing. I know I'm holding long, but I just want this one little thing. I know, and I want you to remember. There's something fixing to happen. Remember, I told you that. There's a step up coming in the Church now. See? These things that you're now seeing, are going to be just little things after while. Something's a moving.
And I say this by the power of the revelation of Jesus Christ, whom I... Every one in our doctrine, in our baptism, we've come to a place, but there's some key that'll unlock something here. Now, he saw the Book sealed on seven seals. And when the... Daniel saw the same, and when the thunders uttered their voices He said, "Don't write." What that was in the Scripture, but it'd be revealed in the last days. We're at the time. We're at Kadesh right now.
E-43 043 Here a few nights ago, I went into Brother Vibbert's, over from--over at Paducah, Kentucky, crossed over into Evansville. Oh, Brother Bosworth was with me. And I said, that day I said... It just kept burning on my heart a message, that I knowed that something God had promised on the opening up of the power, yet I'm waiting now for Him, which I believe will appear to me visibly.
I say it with reverence; I've seen Him twice. 'Course it was vision. He was standing in the air. One night I stood, and I even broke a straw off the field, put it in my mouth and chewed it. Looked again, I said, "Surely this is not vision." I stood there in the broom sage a looking. I'd been praying all night. And I looked again; I seen Him with His foot like that and His hands folded, looking towards the east.
E-44 044 And I walked around this way and cleared my throat. And when He looked around at me, raised out His arms, I fainted and didn't come to till the next morning. And I have an idea what He looks like. And I've been feeling for the last few months that I'll see Him again. Here in... pretty soon that He will reveal again His... something that's fixing to come forth.
Oh, brother, if I have it right, God forgive me if I'm wrong, but seeing it in the Scripture, seeing that when He rose and ascended up, He received a new man... Name that no one knowed about. Then I see Him coming in His power.
E-56 056 What is it? Brother, in that moment in time, in that spur of a moment... Now, if that faith can come at that time, why can't it stay all the time? When that boy, standing there and his eyes blowed out like that, I looked at him and there's something... I said, "Lord, this what I'm believing. Now, there's a keynote how to go in there, and I believe that God's going to let me know it."
So then if that happened, these things that you're seeing will be so amateur up the side of what that'll be when it is fully revealed. And then stand there by that boy, I said, "Lord God, if I have found grace in Your sight, let it be known right now. If I am right I pray that You'll bless." I turned around to the boy, I started crying. I couldn't help it. Something on the inside of me pushing, I just couldn't help it.
E-57 057 I put my hand over his eyes and I said, "O God, be merciful to him. And now, Satan, you done this. God never intended this boy to be blind, never. So I give this boy his sight. In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I give him his sight as God's servant and my hands acting in His place." And that what I thought He should tell me to say, I said it.
And when I dropped my hands down, that boy let out a scream and said, "Daddy, here I am. I can see." And he grabbed his daddy around the neck and got so excited till a Baptist preacher setting on the platform grabbed a chair over his head and run through the audience, butting people as hard as he could with a chair turned over his head. What? Brother, excuse me, I didn't... Amen.
E-58 058 We're on the verge, brother.

74-93 037 Look, that's the same way. As that supernatural brought in the Gentile kingdom, so the supernatural is taking out this of the Gentiles. The kingdom was ushered in by the supernatural; it's going out by the supernatural. The walls of Jerusalem shall be trod, shall be... It was... "Gentiles will possess it until the Gentile dispensation be finished." Then God turns to the Jew. Amen. Oh, my.

145-202 101 Oh, brother, give me a church full of the Holy Ghost. God will do in one year what all theology's failed to do in two thousand years. You wait till the anointing of the church really strikes home to that faithful the little remnant. After the doors of the Gentiles is closed, oh, God will anoint a church then. "He who's filthy, let him be filthy still. He who's righteous let him be righteous still, and he who's holy let him be holy still." And God will anoint the church with the power of God, and things will be taken place. Not only that then, but He's doing it now.

126 054 I have--don't want to have ministering to the sick, no more than just by handkerchiefs or so forth. I'm trying to get away from that vision. You see? And especially as weak as I am now, and go to stand before people, well, then you start that--that vision comes back. I want to get away and get myself quietened down to where I can come forth and have a different meeting. And I want to get away from it, so I can lay down, say, "Now, Lord, just at Your will. Whenever You want me know anything, You let me know. And I will keep it a secret to myself, 'less You tell me to tell it." See what I mean? And then go out there and pray for the sick, and change my ministry altogether. I can have longer meetings, better meetings, and everything else than I--than I could before.

E-62 062 And now then, we will just have to call a few at a time, 'cause I'm slow with them, and I--I've have watched, and I'm praying. I want you to know this, that God will give me it different one day: when a certain person comes into the line (that all my acquaintances... It's been over radio and everything else) knows, there'll be a women packing a baby, and it'll be the time. Then from then on I will just start laying hands on the sick and praying for them and so forth, as He calls. Now, that's been looked for weeks and months. So it--it probably will. God will know it, but not yet.

E-7 007 I'm trying now, my best, if God will help me, to--to kindy move off into another type of ministry, if I can, while--especially in America. And these signs and wonders that's been done, and the phenomenal, which is--is--we've talked of. Now, for eight or ten years it's swept across the nation, and everyone knows about it. I'm asking our Lord, if He will just let me just pray for His sick children, and settle it at that.

113 WHY.ARE.PEOPLE.SO.TOSSED.ABOUT.title JEFF V-2 N-14 56-0101
4-5 014 But I went home tired, weary, upset, crying, went to bed that night; and after the wife got to sleep, I went in the room, and knelt down, and said, "Dear Jesus, I don't know what I'm going to do. Here I am right back where I started from again. I guess I made a failure." About two hours from then He appeared to me. And He showed me a vision of such a panoramic view of people, I never seen. I was talking to my wife in the vision.
5-3 015 Now, you people that know me, know I'm not a fanatic. I don't say these things 'less they're the truth. That's right. And I--I seen it. Then I seen Brother Arganbright standing there. And I went up to him. He said, "Brother Billy," said, "we've given out all the prayer cards, and everything's ready now for the meeting. We got a way to take you in and out."
I said, "Thank you, Brother Arganbright."
And I walked over to some more brethren. And there was another brother preaching. I said, "Who's he?"
They said, "They put him up."
I said, "Who is they?" And they just turned around, walked away. And the man made--dismissed the audience and let them all go. And I said, "Oh, you shouldn't do that, because there is--there's no altar call."
"Oh," they said... Another fellow spoke up and said, "We done took up the offering."
I said, "When is the offering more important than souls before Christ?" See?
5-5 016 And at that, the Angel of The Lord taken me out then, and He taken me to a real bright stream of water. It was the most beautiful blue water; and great fish were swimming around in it. He said, "I will make you a fisher." And He said, "Now, cast your lure into the water; and when you do, pull it slow, first time; and the next time, just give it a little jerk, not too hard; and the next time, set your hook for the catch."
And I started to throw my line in the water. I pulled, and everybody begin rejoicing and saying, "That's wonderful. That's wonderful." I got all excited and jerked it hard on the next one out; I pulled the fish and all out of the water. And what it was, it was a little bitty fish, and it, just about the size of the lure. And I got my line all tangled up. And I was straightening out my line, and the Man which was talking behind me, walked around in front of me, dressed in Palestinian clothes and a turban on His head. He had a white robe. He said, "Brother Branham, that's it."
6-1 017 I said, "I know I didn't do right," I said, "I jerked it when I ought not to."
He said, "Don't get your line tangled up in these kind of times."
And I said, "Well, I'm running it as straight as I can. I'll be very careful."
He said, "Now, the first time I spoke with you, you put your hands on the people and told them what was wrong with them. And the second pull, why, when you did, you would know the secrets of their hearts. And I made you a seer before the people. But you was always trying to explain it. You oughtn't to have done that." He said, "You made a public showing out of it."
I said, "I'm very sorry."
6-3 018 Then He taken me from there, and I seen a great huge tent. I never seen such a tent. And it was packed and lined everywhere with people. And I walked out to the... Looked like I was standing above the people, looking down, where I'd just made an altar call; and hundreds and hundreds of people were weeping and rejoicing after they had accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour.
And I looked, and then heard a man get up and say, "Call the prayer line." And people begin to line up over on this side, the left from where I was looking down towards the platform, and they lined all the way up and down the street for a prayer line. I noticed to my left, which would've been to my right if I was on the platform, a little wooden building. And I seen that Light, that all--they have the picture of, you know, that's always in the meetings; I seen that Light leave me, and go to that building, and go in that building; and a Voice said to me, "I'll meet you in there; that'll be the third pull."
I said, "Why?"
He said, "Well, it won't be a public show like they had it." And I came to.
And I... Now, at the beginning of this new year, back to my tabernacle where I started from (See?), back to the beginning where I--I started... I--I am very grateful to God for these things.
7-2 019 And many of you know that just before leaving on the other crusade, about eight or ten years... I think about ten years since... Well, nine years it has been. It was... These things were told exactly how the auditorium services (You remember.), exactly how that Brother Lawton would live exactly three years, and then be taken away; that Brother Ward would build a tabernacle down in this position, this direction here, and all of it just exactly. You know it, you old timers. It happened just that way, and so will this, for it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. And you'll know.
And now is, I believe, that the--that the brink of the greatest meetings that's ever--we've ever--I've ever held for the Lord Jesus is laying right in the future before me now.
7-4 020 So you know, I feel very happy this morning to--to come before you, and this is the first time the message has ever been given out--is right here through this microphone to the Tabernacle people.

E-33 033 I'm staring out on something right now, that it could wreck and ruin me. Now, you heard me come in out of the services, went to work with Brother Wood, back there. But God came down a few nights ago in a vision, and told me, and showed me what to do. If you just trust Him, He's marvelous. He knows all. He's going to give you the best there is.
E-34 034 Then when I used to have to take the people by discernments, by one by one, He's placed in my heart now, something that I would be daresn't to speak of at this time. And I am not a fanatic, and you know that; you surely know me well enough. But watch what takes place now. Oh, my. It'll be far beyond.

E-26 026 God appeared to him one day, and He said, "Abraham, I am Almighty God. Walk before Me and be perfect." A hundred years old, right on a hundred... "Walk before Me and be perfect; I'm Almighty God."
And if you'd break those words down, sometime, maybe, I'd like to have a revival at the tabernacle here in Jeffersonville, when we get our tent and things set up somewhere, where we could take those words and break them down, and see what they mean, just the meanings of those words. "The Almighty," in the Hebrew is "El Shaddai," which means "the breast like a woman."

E-6 006 So I thought tonight it might be good for us getting acquainted again, or having a little fellowship around the Word, and ask you a little favor, if I could just have a congregational prayer for a night or two. I come pretty near just passing out of the picture in Mexico last week, and I want to tell you about the meeting. I thought coming right straight here, and went to my home Sunday when I should not have done it, to never have that type of meeting. But my heart is so thrilled. How many's read the vision, let's see? It's... Sure, all of you have. And my heart is a longing for that. Now, you mark my word. See? And this is not me; it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See? That's going to be the greatest of all, right there when the Lord, when we get to moving the services in that manner. And I'm longing just like a child with Christmas anticipations to get to it.

E-16 016 Usually my ministry of--of healing lines and so forth, and you know by the vision, which I will explained just what's coming up...?... exceedingly abundantly, but while I'm waiting on that, I've got a Message for the Church.

E-11 011 And I just started out this New Years on something new, and Brother Joseph Boze will be here in a few nights if you haven't... How many gets that "Herald Of Faith"? Is that what it's called, "Herald Of Faith," Brother Boze's paper? Did you read the vision? How many read the vision in there? That's fine. Well, he will be here in a few nights, and I'll talk a little more of it. One of the greatest things, I believe one of the most outstanding things to ever happened to me in my days of serving the Lord was that happening. The greatest days of all lays just ahead. Remember that.

E-10 010 And I took it upon myself while I was waiting for the tents to be--to be made, that I would do this. And thinking of terms of the tent, and all this great expense, and you see in the vision why I left the field, because I--I went fifteen thousand dollars in debt in a meeting before I would beg the people for money; I wouldn't do it. I--I made a promise to God, and I wouldn't do it, and I come off the field.
And now, turning right back around, after owing, being in debt now fifteen thousand dollars in California, I'm borrowing a hundred thousand dollars to go with this tent. That means that I'm--I'm--I believe what I'm talking about. Yes, sir. It's from the Lord; it's from the Lord.
And the good thing about it, a real good friend, rich man, but a servant of the Lord, said, "Brother Branham, I'll let you have it without one penny interest. Don't have to pay nothing back but just the real--what you borrow. You don't have to pay any interest on it." Well, that was wonderful. See?
I said, "Thank You, Lord. I knew You're moving right along."
E-11 011 And now, say, I'd like to pitch that tent out here somewhere, out here for about six weeks, and right here in Twin Cities and--and have about a six weeks revival with every church. Just let down your barriers now and your differences, and... Wouldn't that be marvelous to come in and shake hands with one another. And not just have a prayer for a person, then when the enemy comes back to attack them, bring him right back again, that's the thing to do, stay right there till it's over. And just make it night after night after night for four to six weeks, or something like that, until God says, "All right, I'm finished now, go elsewhere." That would be the kind of revival to have.
I've often wondered what it would produce; each night it's always gained in momentum. And I just wondered what it would do to stay long enough. And to wonder just how this taken place, and I was all fixed up and was going to go to Phoenix for my first meeting. Because I kind of halfway promised to pinch hit for Brother Roberts out there, while he was gone to Australia.
E-12 012 And while I was going to making them, why, Mr. Allen came in, and he just wasn't going to leave until up in March, and I'd forgot about what the vision said, that it was dark people in another country, and so forth. And then Mr. Allen taken the place, then, "Well you want to come anyhow? Mr. Allen's going to stay."
And I said, "Oh, no, huh-uh. No, not if Brother Allen is there; there's no need of two of us being there the same time." And then about two days after that, the Lord revealed to me, He said, "I never told you to go to Phoenix in that vision, it was amongst dark people, Old Mexico." I thought, "Well, praise the Lord." Just exactly.
You know, God, He--His sovereign grace will override our mistakes and our ignorance.

E-25 025 Now, we got the tent in making. And then in there I'll be able to carry a prayer line right on through. Now, you remember, I speak this before it comes to pass. The exceedingly abundantly is fixing to take place. I can't wait till I get into that place. I just... My heart's a yearning and burning.
And these things here that you see now will be amateur to what our Lord is fixing to do. You just remember that with all your heart. And live for Him now and be reverent. And just be yourself. Just--just be Mrs. Doe or Mr. Doe and--and love the Lord and just move on with a true heart before Him, and love Him. He will take care of the rest of it. You see?
E-26 026 But then it'll be no end to the prayer line for it'll go hours after hours. And watch what our Lord is fixing to do. Now, the thing that happens in there when He told it... Now, remember, the Bible is laying open. I did it first, my hand over my heart. A human being in this world will never know it. I made a show out of the other, but God being my Helper...
The reason I waited till this night... It's the first time I've told it in public. I waited till this night to tell it. God being my helper, they'll never be a human being know this till death sets me free to go home to be with God.

E-45 045 "Are you afraid now you making this, concerning this new ministry that you're entering, do you think that's going to be... You say greater?" Yes. "How do you know?" God said so. Oh, I haven't got one bit of doubt, my heart's just leaping and jumping to get to it. See? Because God said so, that settles it. That's just--that's just all there is to it. It's going to be that way. God said so, and that settles it.

E-83 083 The little fellow setting here on the end, down at the end of the row there, in the--the other morning setting there in the breakfast meeting... I said, "You know, that I this morning I saw a vision. A woods coming down, and the woods had been cut out, all clearing up." And the Angel said to me, "Now, this is ten years you've been in the service. And the road that you've long for, it's just about straight ahead of you now."

E-101 101 Is this the patient? Do you believe? Look at me just a moment. Disturbance in the audience...?... I'll be glad when I get my little room to myself. They'll only hear through a microphone then.

E-2 002 And it would be very fine place, sometime, to bring that big tent and set it up here for a long, long time. Wouldn't that be fine? If you'll just permit it (Amen.), that--that would be fine. Thank you.
E-3 003 And I was noticing the map when I was thinking of that today, and it is just kind of hub where there's many big cities all around. Be a very good place. And that take us about a month or two, you know, for a real good long revival. That's where you get results then. Thank you. That makes me feel real good to think that you could put up with this old fashion sassafras preaching. My education, after listening to the scholars and then welcome me like that, I sure do appreciate it. That's very nice of you. And I trust that the Lord will lead me this way. I'd hate to try to think of going in an old tent and flopping around, after coming out of a place like this, but maybe we'd--in that way we'd just have kind of a--a little more room, in a large meeting where it would be, maybe, advertised for months and months ahead. And that would just bring in Minnesota, and Iowa, and North Dakota, and Kansas, and all around, the whole thing...?... like that. See? That would be a wonderful time, wouldn't it?
Have you ever read my vision yet in the magazine? How many's read it in here? I... Many of you, that's right. Brother Boze, I think, carried it, and the "Herald Of His Coming" carried it. I think the "Voice Of Healing" will have it this next month. And it's a great thing, I'm sure, our Lord Jesus is fixing to do.
E-4 004 And I just can't hardly wait to get in that tent, and it's going to be something wonderful. And I just know He's going to do it, just before His coming. And I feel that we all are part in this.

Now, it's written between the lines lot of times.
E-50 050 When we get our big tent up out here somewhere, we'll take plenty of time and go through them in-between the lines. Watch the resurrection thing how it moves in there, just beautifully.

127 VOICE MAGAZINE Vol. IV, No. 3 March, 1956
(This is a vision Brother William Branham had when the Angel appeared to him in December 1955.) In the beginning when the Angel of the Lord first appeared unto me, and told me how I was to minister; that I would see a Light, would hear a Voice speak, would have visions which a minister brethren of my own denomination said were of the devil. My church brethren said my theology was wrong, because the days of visions and miracles were over.
They did not know that God had promised in the Bible that He would visit the earth with Angels, Prophets, miracles, signs and the wonders as He does at the junction of every age. There are seven different junctions, and we are at the last junction before the millennium.
I decided to do as the Lord had told me, and I began to minister as He led. I realized that there are three dangers a minister must watch. Popularity, women, and money. So in 1946, I made a promise to the Lord that if the time ever came that I had to put a stress on money, I would leave the field. I promised to serve Him as long as the meetings paid their way; but if they ever began to go behind, I would quit and go home.
For nine years the Lord met every need without it being necessary to pull for money. Then in 1955, in each of three of my great meetings; the income fell far short of expenses, and others stepped in to make up the large deficit. Following the last days of these meetings, my wife, and son, and little girls arrived at the cabin where I was staying. It was two o'clock in the morning, and I told them to go to bed, and I went out on the mountain side, knelt and cried out to God. I had to leave the field. Three times in succession the meetings had to be underwritten by others. This was not my promise to God. I promised God when the meeting began to go behind, that I would quit and go home. I had to keep my promise. When I returned to the cabin, my wife saw that I had been crying and asked, "Billy, what is the matter with you?" I couldn't bring myself to tell her I was leaving the field of divine healing services, so I said, "Oh, it's all right." As we drove from California eastward, I tried to tell the family, in Arizona, again in Texas, and across the country; finally telling them as we were nearing home at Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Billy Paul said, "Daddy, I am sure you won't live, there is something in the Bible that Paul said, 'Woe, unto me if I don't preach the gospel'" I said, "Son, I never said I'd quit preaching the gospel. That I intend to do as long as I live, if God would keep me so I can. I mean to quit the field of healing evangelism." Billy Paul asked, "You intend to give up those great meetings overseas, and elsewhere because of money? God didn't tell you to do that, that's your own promise." I answered, "But a man of honor will keep his word. I made a promise to God, and I must keep it."
The next morning, my wife and I rose early; and I was sitting on the side of the bed holding my head with both hands. I said to my wife, "Well, Honey, today I'll go to see Jess Mitchel and ask him if he'll give me back my old job with Indiana Light and Power Company, patrolling the lines." Suddenly, I looked across the room and saw two small children coming toward me, pulling a little cart having two old wooden wheels. The children were dark complected with black hair and eyes, almost naked; they looked like little mexican children. I could hear my wife walking in the room, and I said, "Honey, don't you see them; that's what I mean by poor little children." As I went deeper into the vision dimension, I walked away from my wife, and went to where I met Minor Arganbright. He said, "Brother Branham, the prayer cards are all given out, and we have made a way to get you in and out the meeting." Someone was with Brother Arganbright, and as I went past them I came into the outdoor arena filled with a vast audience of people, they were dark complected like the little children. Speaking to them, in my place was someone else. I asked a man standing by me who was the man speaking. He answered, "They put him there." I asked, "Who are they?" Just then a man speaking in my place, dismissed the audience, and everyone started leaving. I cried, "Oh, that's not right, where is the altar call?" A man came and said, "That's all right, Brother Branham, we're taking up the offering." And I asked, "Since when did the offering become more important than the altar call?"
There are thousands of souls that could be won for Christ and he is dismissing them. Rain began to fall, and I said, "Now look, it's beginning to rain and all those souls are going out and may not come back." The man replied, "Oh, you are to speak to them this afternoon." And I asked, "What time did he announce for me to speak?" He answered, "At just anytime." "Just anytime!" I cried. "There won't be a dozen people here." And then to my right side behind me, a kind tender voice, though stern asked, "Was not our Lord left with twelve, when thousands left Him, after He began to tell them truth."
I saw a hand move out in front of me, from my right side, and as it did, I seemed to go into still another higher dimension. I could no longer hear Meda, my wife, in the room. I was standing by the side of a beautiful lake, and I never saw such clear water in my life.
When I first went into the ministry, nine years ago, I had seen a vision, and I was catching fish; but the fish had big white and black spots on them, they didn't look right. But now in this vision I saw the clear water and great beautiful rainbow trout, and the lake was extremely large. All around stood hundreds upon hundreds of ministers catching fish. I said, in my heart, "I am as good a fisher as they are, or even better than they are." I wanted to catch the large beaufiful fish and began to prepare my line and lure.
Then to my right side behidn me came the same Voice of the Angel of the Lord, who had spoken to me since I was a child, saying, "I will teach you how to fish, but you must keep quiet, don't say anything about it." I answered, "I will." He said, "Fasten on your lure." This I did, then He said, "Now to catch those big fish you have to go out in the deep water." I swung my cast with all my might, and the line went out its full length. He said, "That was good." As the lure sank almost to the bottom of the clear water, he said, "Now, first, pull easy and get the attention of the little fish; then pull faster and pull the lure away from them and the big fish will take after it when they see the little fish catching up. Remember to keep still and don't say anything about this to anyone. For the third pull, set your line tight, and you are ready for the catch." I said, "I understand."
All ministers began coming around me saying, "Brother Branham, we know you can catch fish." I replied, "Oh yes, I know how to do it." Then I began to explain to them the exact method told me by the Angel of the Lord. I got so excited trying to show the ministers how to fish that I jerked the lure completely out of the water, catching a fish about the size of the lure. It seemed as though the skin of the fish was stretched tight over the lure. I wondered how I would ever get it off.
The Angel of the Lord walked from behind me on the right side, and came directly in front of me. I have always seen the same one. A tall man, strong, the size of a 200 pound man, large arms, dressed in a white robe, bare feet, dark hair. He looked me straight in the face and said, "Just what I told you not to do, you did." I thought this was the end of me now, and He said, "The first time I told you to pull slowly and to keep quiet about it, was when I amde known to you diseases of the people when they would put their hand on yours. Your second pull when I told you to pull faster and to keep quiet about it, was when I gave you visions to know secrets of people's hearts, and as you predicted what I told you, I did just what I said to you. Instead of keeping quiet about these things you got on the platform and made a public show of these divine gifts. Look what you have caused, a lot of carnal impersonation." I started weeping loudly, I said, "I am sorry, Sir, that I did that."
My line was piled all around my feet, and I had the lure in my hands, and as I was crying, I began pulling the line through my teeth, trying to straighten it out. Then He looked at me sternly and said, "Don't get your lines tangled up in these kinds of times." I said, "I will try not to get it tangled any more times, kind sir!"
Then I seemed to go into still another higher dimension, and the fishing line I had in my hand rutned into a shoe string about half an inch in diameter, and I was holding a baby's shoe with eyelets about 1/8 inch in diameter. I was trying to put this 1/2 inch show string through one of the 1/8 inch eyelets, and I had broken many threads in the shoe string. The Angel of the Lord was standing in front of me and He asked, sternly yet kindly, "What are you trying to do?" And I answered, "I am trying to lace the shoe." And He said, "You are using the wrong end of the string." I looked down at the other end of the string and noticed it was reduced and bound wih a metal tip that would easily go through the eyelet. I said, "Oh, I'm sorry, Sir, I didn't notice that I was using the wrong end." He said, "You can't teach babies supernatural things, without causing carnal comparison."
Then I felt myself go into another still higher dimension. I was standing in the air in the largest tent I have ever seen in my life. I was above the people with the platform down below me. I had just finished preaching and had made the altar call, there were hundreds upon hundreds of people standing with their hands up in the air weeping. I was trying to make my feet go down to where they were, but I remained up in the air. A real kind hearted, pleasant looking man stepped up before the people and said, "Dear friends, while our Brother Branham is taking a moments rest from his marvelous altar call, we will form the prayer line to the right. A prayer line formed completely around the inside of the tent, and out into the street and down the street as far as I could see. Inside the tent, I saw a canvas stretched about four feet high with a gate in this canvas fence.
Inside this fence sat a little square wooden room. A lady was standing at the gate of the canvas fence taking the name and prayer card of a lady laying on a wheeled stretcher. Behind the stretcher was a man on crutches, and the lady took his name and card also. And a strong man came out and pushed the lady on the stretcher through the gate of the canvas fence and through a door, into this little wooden room.
I heard the familiar swishing sound made by the Light, that accompanies my ministry; and I saw it go from me to the little room. The Angel of the Lord was still standing by me in the air. He said to me, "I'll meet you in there" I saw His hand point to that little room. He added, "This is my third pull." I said, "I do not understand this." And He replied, "in there I will meet you."
I watched and saw a sick lady coming out a door on the opposite side of the little room. She was off the stretcher pushing it. The lady was there to get her testimony, on a tape recorder; and asked what happened in the little room, and she answered, "I don't know." Then out came the man carrying his crutches. The lady asked him what happened in the little room, and he answered, "I don't know."
And the Angel of the Lord said, "This will not be a public show. Is it not written in the scriptures, of our Lord's words, 'when thou prayest enter into thy closet, and when thou has shut the door pray to thy Heavenly Father which is in secret and thy Father which seeth thee in secret shall reward thee openly. Be not as the hypocrites that make their public show of things, but go into your secret closet." Then the Angel of the Lord and I descended into the little room. What he said to me there, I will have to keep a secret the rest of my life.

128 MAKING.A.WAY.title JEFF.IN 56-0304
E-52 052 There's coming up a revival here pretty soon, a big tent meeting, I can just see it. Right!

129 MAKING.A.WAY.title JEFF.IN 56-0304
E-10 010 Then we go to--from here then, we go to Chicago for the eleventh--third to the eleventh. And we leave on a Monday, begin there on a Tuesday. And begin through the--no, it's third through the eighth, and then on the eleventh we begin in Charlotte--no Colum--Columbia, North Carolina, and then to Spindale, North Carolina, and then from there to Charlotte, South Carolina, and then Anchorage, Alaska, from there, up into Anchorage, Alaska. Then back, and not determined, but perhaps maybe by then, the tent will be ready to be on the road.
E-11 011 Oh, I've just... You know what I want to do? Will you pray with me for this? Look, I want to 'fore too long, the Lord willing, to put that tent right here in this falls city and stay there for four or six weeks meeting, just stay right here until the battle is finished. And you be praying for that now. Now, I'd just like to stick it out here between Jeffersonville and New Albany somewhere, and just put up about a seven or eight thousand seating capacity in it, then we can add more as the days go by, and just stay right here until it's settled. Amen.

130 MAKING.A.WAY.title JEFF.IN 56-0304
E-9 009 And so, then Mexico City is to be the first time that this new vision, that the Lord has told me, is going to be in operation at that time. So we'll try again, the Lord willing, right here Easter Sunday morning using these two rooms, like right here...?... So we're expecting a great time here Easter morning, and a proof that the Lord Jesus has risen from the dead.

131 MIGHTY.CONQUEROR.title JEFF.IN 56-0401
E-4 003 I've been wanting to have our first opening service to take the people the way the vision had just showed. But I don't know whether I'm going to be able to do that or not. The rooms are jammed full in there... to get them away from the public.

E-6 006 But my heart is so thrilled. How many's read the vision, let's see? It's... Sure, all of you have. And my heart is a longing for that. Now, you mark my word. See? And this is not me; it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. See? That's going to be the greatest of all, right there when the Lord, when we get to moving the services in that manner. And I'm longing just like a child with Christmas anticipations to get to it.
And I thought Sunday maybe I could run a service like that at my tabernacle. And then when I--I did, there was just so many packed in there till I couldn't do it. And then we had to run it just a regular prayer line like we do here, whatmore. That was yesterday, and it--it tore me down pretty bad.

E-15 015 One of these days I want to pitch that tent the Lord's going to give me, right outside of this side of Chicago here somewhere, have about a six or eight weeks meeting. We're just going to go right down the Bible and teach on those things and just let Divine healing rest, go just about once or twice a week, or something, and just teach the Bible.
Now, those things are not mythical. In contact with the Holy Spirit, I'm an illiterate person. That's true. There's nothing to me. But when I come under His anointing, and He takes me away and shows me things, I just got perfect confidence that it's just exactly right, 'cause it's never failed. And He will never say one thing outside what's written in this Bible. That's right. You watch it. Through the years, He's never said one thing at any time, unless it was absolutely Scripturally based on the Bible, THUS SAITH THE LORD.
E-16 016 A few nights ago I'd come from down in--a few months ago, rather, from the meeting. And I was discouraged in California. And I... My meetings had failed terribly. And I'd promised the Lord if He ever failed me... When I started on the field, I know there's two or three things that a minister has to watch, and one of them is money. So money, popularity, women and so forth... So I'd made a pledge to God. I found out that Samson fell because of Delilah, the--the woman. And I found out that Saul fell because of pride. And Balaam fell because of money. And all those things are written for our examples, said the book of Hebrews. And we watch those things and keep the Blood cover between us and those things.
And as went along, I said, "Now, Lord, I know there'll be a lot of money mixed up in this, but naked came I into the world and naked shall I return (See?), and You help me." And by God's grace, it's been wonderful. And so I said, "If You ever go to failing me where you have to beg for money or put strain on offerings, I--I come in off the field." And I did when I--I failed six thousand dollars, or fifteen thousand dollars, rather, in California. And the...
E-17 017 I got home, and the next morning He appeared to me in a vision and told me, as you've read. Just watch how that happened. I didn't know it was Mexican children that come walking down, as you've read the vision. I--I said it was just dark children. I was supposed to go to Arizona during that time and set up a tent. And there I was going to have in the vision this little place on the side just as He had told me and how to do it, where I would not be in the presence of the people. You... The microphone coming out, talking all about it... He said, "This will not be impersonated." So then, when it would set on the side. But then you could hear it... But the people is what operates that gift. It's not me; I have nothing to do with it. It's just yielding myself, and you do the operating of it yourself. Your faith is what does it. And that's where then when all the faith begin to come, now you can just imagine what it does to you. And I can just stay for a few. But when I get it fixed up and arranged in that manner, I can take hundreds times hundreds of them each night. And the Lord will do the exceeding abundantly. You just mark that down. And I thought, "Start it in Phoenix is just right."
E-18 018 And then it come to pass, about time I was to go to Phoenix that our Brother Allen moved in there, and he said, "I'm not getting out for anyone." So he--he just stayed there.
So I said, "Oh, I wouldn't go and our brother there. That wouldn't be right, two meetings at the same time." So I said, "Well, I just won't go then." 'Fore I signed up for anything, I just let it go. I let it go like that for a while.
And then Mr. Arganbright come and told me, said, "Say, how about going to Mexico." Brother Joseph tried to get me to go to Mexico.
I said, "No, I don't want to go Mexico."
Then something said, "Go on to Mexico."
So I said, "All right, get it fixed up."
They said, "We got a hall down there," some kind of a big hall. And the next night I was over to Brother Wood's and I said, "You know what? That's just it. Little dark children, ragged, that's it." And Brother Arganbright was supposed to arrange it. You read the vision. And so I said, "That's just..."
But I had these meetings, but I'm going back to Mexico someday. And I want the Lord to send me back so I can go back like I did then in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

134 WHAT.IS.A.VISION.title CHI.IL V-2 N-9 56-0408A
10-2 033 Now, but when it's the other... Now, that is just the permissive way of God working. I say this reverently: the hour is close at hand when I--I tell you what the vision of the Lord showed me, that this will finally move back, giving place to something far beyond it.

135 WHAT.IS.A.VISION.title CHI.IL V-2 N-9 56-0408A
17-3 055 And when I was set down, then I was beneath and standing up above a great tent; I never seen such a tent. And I'd just made an altar call, seeming like, down at the altar; and when I was down there, I looked, and there were hundreds of people standing around the altar weeping because they had accepted the Lord Jesus. And they were just weeping out loud. And I said, "Oh, that's more like it," like that.
17-5 056 And a real kind gentleman walked out to the platform, said, "While Brother Branham is resting just a few moments," he said, "we'll call the prayer line." And he said, "Everyone with prayer cards beginning with a certain number, stand over on to the right."
Well, I noticed the prayer line, seemed like it went all around the tent and out and down the street, such a prayer line.
I looked over... Which was then to my left, and there it would be to my right if I was standing on the platform, it would be that way. There's a piece of canvas stretched there, and in that--behind this canvas was a little square building about twelve foot across and twenty foot long, something like that. Well, I stood and looked at that.
18-3 057 And I seen them bringing a lady upon a stretcher, and there was a lady there taking her name and things with a--on a--on a paper. And so, there was a--someone come and got her and pushed her through. And the next man came through was with crutches. I see them go through that little building, and on the outside the lady come out screaming to the top of her voice, pushing this stretcher. And then--then there was another lady on the other side, looked like kind of a dark-haired woman, and she said, "What happened?"
She said, "I just don't know. I couldn't tell you what happened." She said, "I've been paralyzed for twenty years, and looky. I--I feel like I never was sick."
And just then out come the man, leaping and jumping with his--with his crutches in his hand. And I--I looked at that.
18-6 058 And just then... Now, here's something. Notice close. There's a difference between the Angel of the Lord and that Light, because I heard something a moving, as it does when it comes at the platform at night, kinda like a--[Brother Branham makes a sound "whew"--Ed.] and like a fire whipping around--licking blaze. And It left me, and it went right down over the top of that audience and went and stood over the top of that little building, then settled down on top of it. And then when it did, this One that was standing by me, behind me, the same voice, the Angel's voice, He said, "I'll meet you in there, and this is the third pull, but nobody will know nothing about it."
And I said, "Well, I don't understand why in there. Why there?"
He said, "It will not be a public show this time."
I said, "I don't understand going into that closet, like that."
And He said, "Is not it written by our Lord, when thou prayest, be not like the hypocrites who like to be heard before men, but enter into a secret closet and pray to the Father Who seeth in secret, and He Who seeth in secret shall reward thee openly?" It's perfectly to the Scripture; every time it is.
And I said, "I understand."
Then He took me to this place and set me down in this room where I was at, and then He told me what to do for the third time.
Now, Christian friends, that'll--when I leave this world, that'll still be in my bosom. When I... But you mark my word what's going to take place when that...

136 WHAT.IS.A.VISION.title CHI.IL V-2 N-9 56-0408A
20-8 064 The Lord is fixing to visit His people in a great, marvelous something, friends. And I would... It has to be a secret in my own heart; but as you know me, and you believe me, and love me, and respect me as God's servant, just remember I'm telling you: a blessing's on the road (That's right.) a coming. And it will not be weakening; it will never weaken me any more; and it'll be far beyond anything that's ever happened here or any time else. It's just something the Lord has given. And I want... That would make me a believer in grace after I have done, and the things that I have done, and the way I had acted and condemned before God, and yet when God speaks anything and makes a... He's going to do it, anyhow.

E-67 067 Now, sister, look. Stop worrying, go on your road rejoicing, happy. And then when I come back in the tent, year from today or some time, you come to the tent and give the testimony of what happened to you.

E-8 008 I always like to have a Sunday afternoon meeting, so every member can go back to their own church for Sunday night and have their service. And that's the way I intend to do it in the tent services too, as I have in the future: Try to have Sunday afternoon so to let everybody go to their own church.

E-4 004 Soon, there's something greater then this coming; it'll soon be here. It'll be marvelous then, if the Lord willing.
How many ever read my last vision that's been wrote up in the magazine? Wait till you see that take place. Then this will be minor. What the Lord's fix... It'll just keep going on and on, on and on. Jesus is coming. The time of the gathering of the people is at hand. And we must look forward to great things to happen.
E-5 005 How many read the sermon, "When Omnipotence Speaks, Miracles Happen"? You believe that? Certainly. Omnipotent spoke at ever junction. And when the Church cooled off, then Omnipotence spoke; miracles takes place. And this is the junction of all junctions; this is the end time. The end of the whole history of the world is right now at hand. So you can expect Omnipotence to speak, and you can expect the greatest and mightest miracles that's ever happened on the earth will happen in the next few years to come, if Jesus tarries. It will be.

E-3 003 And I've always tried to make it a custom to close on Sunday afternoon with my service on Sunday afternoon, and after we get the Gospel tent we'll do the same thing: close up on Sunday afternoon, after the Sunday afternoon service, and have no morning service, so that people can attend their own church.

E-11 011 That's the reason that by a vision the Lord has showed me to get this big tent and stay from four to six weeks in places.

142 FAITH.title CHARLOTTE.NC 56-0427
E-3 003 Now, I'm so sorry we have such a little short stay. This time was just merely to become acquainted with each other and expecting someday to visit the Carolinas in a tent service. The Lord has given me a--a vision of having a tent, and always my services last anywhere from about--oh, perhaps from three nights up to five, ten nights at the most. I like to stay for four, five, six weeks, where we could just really have and have a... Thank you, and in that way we could get a... Set up a year ahead so you get all the ministers not having revivals, and I--I like a real good feeling among ministers. I--I--I just love that, because being a--a shepherd myself, I--I know what it means.

E-17 017 Coming back, we want to make arrangement, if the Lord willing, about a year ahead of time, and get everything in order for a good four to six weeks' revival under a big tent, if the Lord willing.

E-2 002 Tomorrow, being the closing service of the little get-together, why, we are hoping someday to be back, if God willing, with a tent, big tent, so we can just stay a long time and be with you.

E-60 060 You better watch them things that they absolutely be done decently and in order and when the message goes, hear it.
E-61 061 Come down at the tabernacle one time. Watch how we operate it there. Them things has to be every word true. If it doesn't that person goes to the altar and get that evil spirit off of them. God don't lie. God tells the truth. See? Then you have the church in order.
That's what we're going to teach when we get the tent. So we can get the big church and see if God can get to set together. All them gifts goes in the church, but the people just get them and just go anyway with them.

64 037 But remember, Daniel was told by the Angel. Daniel heard seven thunders; they uttered their voices. Daniel grabbed his pen and started to write, and the Angel said, "Don't you write it." Amen.
Are you ready? Let's get into it just for about the next five minutes. Will you? Listen.
"Don't you write it." John saw the same thing, and it had already be written outside of the Bible; and had seven seals on the back of the Book, that no man could open those seals, that was them voices. Here's the Bible written, which is a mystery Itself. But on the backside of the Bible, the revelations was shown to Daniel, say that there's seven voices to be uttered that no man could open, no man knowed what it was. But the Bible said, and told Daniel and also John, "That in the last days these seven voices would be known by the real true Church." You get it? Can you see where the false and counterfeit is trying their best to keep great men from places like that?

E-20 020 Why, I believe the time will soon arrive, that when healing will be--a miracle healing will be such a common thing... We've got to get some rapturing faith in the church to get away from here one of these days.

148 LOVE.title SHREVEPORT.LA 56-0726
E-13 013 I'm trying to maybe take a few nights off, preach, then, a few nights, and have a healing service, and then back. I'm trying to make myself adjusted to meetings where we're going to get a big tent, and stay for three and four weeks at a time in a place. And so, we pray that God will help me to do that.

E-11 011 And I want to thank you once more for something else: praying for me last night. The first time I ever got a prayer line through like that, in I don't know when, without visions...?... 'cause I just went to that all the time. And how the testimonies has poured in today, it's been wonderful.
What you need is a great big tent setting out here and about a four or five weeks revival, so you can just stay right with it until it's over.

150 STAND.STILL.title SASKATOON.SK 57-0518
E-50 050 What we need's about three months in a tent setting out here somewhere, with some real apostolic teaching, ministers every afternoon. Get back and get in the right swing. The thing, we just went haywire, not because they wanted to, but it's the trend of time

151 HEBREWS.CHAPTER.7.PT.1.title JEFF.IN HEB 57-0915E
295-47 026 This glorious old Gospel who's been growing easy like a oak tree, but I believe she's about ready to spread forth her branches now. I believe It. This great Message and great thing, I believe that the Lord let us shake the world again for the glory of God.

152 QA.HEBREWS.PART.3.title JEFF.IN COD 57-1006
352-915 130 Look, why didn't the world realize that picture there? Why didn't they catch that right quick? Why don't they catch these other things? Why don't they catch these prophecies and things? You know, they can't do it now, but one day I'm going to leave the world, and when I leave, then they'll recognize It. Some of you young people will realize that after I'm gone. See? But God wouldn't permit it to be done now...

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