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As part of my introduction, I would like to thank the brothers that helped me to put this together to make it more presentable.

After having observed so much confusion and various opinions presented on the forums, on the subject of Marriage and Divorce, I would like to present a study of the things Brother Branham brought over the years concerning this volatile issue.

In 1965 it was consummated, by probably the most shocking doctrinal teaching in his ministry. In my preface I would like to thoroughly emphasize that TRUTH is the objective of this study. I'm certain as with any controversial subject, that it would gender other opinions.

I recently saw on a message forum, a Brother, present his interpretation of the subject. His take was the same as many denominational longstanding interpretations have been. What shocked me was it that it was almost word by word the same presentation given by Brother Phil Rickerby who spends much of this life trying to prove Brother Branham to be a false prophet . In my humble opinion, there is something wrong with this picture.

One outstanding area of Brother Branham's statements, was that the revelation of Marriage and Divorce, that was given him, was one of the mysteries of the Bible that had been hidden from the foundation of the world. How could a longstanding denominational interpretation be correct then?

If I might insert an important consideration here. It was brought to my attention in discussion, that if the ministers sided with what it sounded like Brother Branham was saying, it would cause many men who were dissatisfied in their marriage to use it as an excuse to divorce their wives. Realizing that this has been done in all too many cases, still it does not take away from the importance of standing with every Word of God.

There is one thing I believe is certain. A true son of God would not be looking for reasons to put away his wife, because he is taught by Scripture to love her as Christ loved the church. Those that would take advantage of any liberty, whether it would be dabbling in the things of the world, or trying to put away one's wife, would put them outside of the blood covenant, if the hearts intent was wrong.

It will take a little bit to get into the meat of the subject, since there are several considerations that NEED to be taken into account .

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore ALL things. [Matthew 17:11]

Now this messenger of Malachi 4 and Revelation 10:7 is going to do two things. One: According to Malachi 4 he will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers. Two: He will reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders in Revelation 10 which are the revelations contained in the seven seals. It will be these Divinely revealed `mystery-truths' that literally turn the hearts of the children to the Pentecostal fathers. Exactly so.

Without a doubt it would take an entire library to explore the pro's and con's of the controversial issues contained among the churches that claim to follow the Message left by William Branham. There are many absolutes among the confusion. It is our sincere hope that we may be able, with simplicity, to find the truth of the matter.

It is obvious, even through casual examination, to see the works of Satan (confusion by innumerable interpretations) from churches within the "Message". Exactly what he has done to the Bible has indeed happened to this precious Word for the Hour.

We have observed occurring, over the years, what many thought could only happen among the denominational systems. Now we can clearly see that the same circumstance that every age has had to face (3 kinds of believers) is being faced again. Considering that the greatest test of deception is no longer among the major full gospel (so called) denominations, but is so obvious where God moved last. As we begin to look into one of the "mystery-truths" that God so graciously has revealed, we can without hestitation find comfort in Jesus's own words "My sheep will hear my voice and another they will not follow." [St. John 10:4-5, St. John 10:27]

Considering the quotation at the beginning of this study, it was stated that the receiving and understanding of these "divinely revealed 'mystery-truths'" is what will literally turn the Bride back to the Pentecostal Fathers. These truths, supernaturally revealed, certainly bears record with the Scripture as it explicitly declares that these "mysery-truths" are hidden from the wise and prudent and revealed to babes. [Matthew 11:25]

As we look into Brother Branham's early ministry, we begin to realize that he was doctrinally beginning to gather the "loose ends". These Truths were scattered among the churches as a whole worldwide. Truths such as no eternal hell, which shockingly was taught even by the Jehovah's Witness movement to the Oneness of the Godhead believed by the so-called Jesus Only.

We will not take the time to go into all of the lost truths that were among the various church groups, but will only use this area as a reference point to proceed a little farther.

These lost truths certianly were not NEW or UN-REVEALED, but were necessary to re-establishing the true foundation of the "Building of God", the True Church, in order to add successfully further truth, needed to complete God's divine plan.

Another consideration, as we begin to carefully examine the thought of "true revelation" as compared to repeating what we read or hear could not be stated more clearly than by the words of the Prophet of the Age;

If revelation is beyond you, look up and seek God for it. That is the only way you are ever going to get it. A revelation has to come from God. It never comes by human, natural endowments, but by Spiritual enduement. You can even memorize the Scripture, and though that is wonderful, that won't do it. It has to be a revelation from God. It says in the Word that no man can say that Jesus is the Christ except by the Holy Ghost. You have to receive the Holy Ghost and then, and only then, can the Spirit give you the revelation that Jesus is the Christ: God, the Anointed One.

No man knows the things of God save the Spirit of God and he to whom the Spirit of God reveals them. We need to call on God for revelation more than anything else in the world. We have accepted the Bible, we have accepted the great truths of it, but it still is not real to most people because the revelation by the Spirit is not there. The Word has not been quickened. The Bible says in II Corinthians 5:21 that we have become the righteousness of God by our union with Jesus Christ. Did you get it? It says that WE ARE THE VERY RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD HIMSELF by being IN CHRIST. It says that He (Jesus) became SIN for us. It does not say He became sinful, but became SIN for us that by our union with Him we might become the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God. If we accept the fact (and we must) that He literally became SIN for us by His substitution for us, then we must also accept the fact that we by our union with Him have become the VERY RIGHTEOUSNESS of God. To reject one is to reject the other. To accept the one is to accept the other. Now we know the Bible says that. It can't be denied. But the revelation of it is missing. It is not real to the majority of God's children. It is just a good verse in the Bible. But we need to have it made ALIVE to us. That will take revelation.

Surely the same principal that applies to understanding Gods Holy Word (the Bible), applies to understanding the Message of the Hour. BOTH MUST BE KNOWN BY REVELATION OF THE SPIRIT. HE THAT HATH AN EAR (SPIRITUAL) LET HIM HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS TO THE CHURCHES BY WAY OF THE MESSENGER. [Revelation 3:22]

It is scripturally and glaringly obvious, that the Spirit of God could not give two opposing interpretations of the same Message that was sent by God to bring a Bride out of the confusion of denominational Babylon.

Jesus said that we MUST live "by EVERY word that proceeds out of the mouth of God". [Matthew 4:4]

The last of the Book, He said, "Whosoever shall take one Word (mistranslate one Word), take one Word out of Here, I'll take his part from the Book of Life." You're passing over hell, hanging on the Word of God. Don't you let somebody squeeze something into you that's not THUS SAITH THE LORD.

In earnest consideration of these FACTS we must draw some conclusion. Obviously, the four insects of the book of Joel have gotten into the churches of this message and have wreaked the same destruction as they have through every church age.

Smyrnean Church Age, page 113 7th line from the top
Death was not only the seed of the false vine but even in the true vine there was a creeping paralysis and impotence because they had already drifted from the unadulterated truth of the first few years after Pentecost; and no true believer is any stronger and spiritually healthy and alive than his knowledge of and adherence to the pure Word of God, as seen by multitudes of examples in the Old Testament. Organization was growing apace, confirming and augmenting the death of the membership, for Holy Ghost leadership was deposed and the Word was replaced by creeds, dogmas and man-made ritual.

As `all Israel' is not Israel, but a little group were the true Spiritual Israelites, so there would always be a little group of true Christians, the bride of Christ, until He came for His own.

How contrary to the pattern of popular thought, the truth becomes as it really begins to come into focus; that being, until Jesus comes for His own, the minority of the many called would be the BRIDE, THE ELECT OF GOD. The false vine is still intertwined with the true vine, and as the Scripture says, the tares would grow together with the wheat, but just before Christ comes, there would come a separating of the tares from the wheat by the Revelation of the truth. [Matthew 13:30]

Now, let us begin to look into one of the most controversial mystery truths that was "revealed" through the ministry of the "Messenger of the Age", Divorce and Remarriage.

In order to gain a better understanding of the teaching itself, it will be necessary to briefly cover another area that without a doubt has clouded the issue; that is, could Brother Branham change on his belief, or former understanding, and still be a true messenger to the age? To some this is not an obstacle, but to the majority it has become a rock of offense and a stone of stumbling.

Would God allow a messenger to teach certain things, perhaps for years, and then correct him leaving a record of both teachings and those being diametrically opposed? Certainly without a God given understanding by revelation, it would be plain to see why such things would produce confusion (Babylon) and by this many would withdraw from discussion or study.

But what if, as was stated by Brother Branham (quoted later in this study, [Seed not heir with shuck 2/16/65]) that Marriage and Divorce is one of the "mystery-truths" that God gave to his Bride. Only she, by revelation, could "see" things that are hidden from all others. Did not Jesus say that upon this rock (revelation) I will build my church, and the gates of hell (Babylon) would not prevail against it? [Matthew 16:18].

Would not his ELECT alone be able to receive the truth of this and not abuse it? Surely true revelation reveals God's mind and attitude towards misunderstood or hidden things. Thus, bringing to light many liberties and rights (scriptural) but with Holy Ghost restraints.
Not as the Baptist denominations teach of Grace (eternal security), which without spiritual restraints produces disgrace to the Word.

I Corinthians 6:12
All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient; all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

So we can see that genuine revelation, does not make a true believer desire to abuse a God allowed liberty.

I understand how a Pastor or minister in this message would be hesitant to say ALL THE PROPHET HAS SAID on the teaching of Divorce and Remarriage.
Fearing that the spiritually weak, might be incited to look for reasons to put away his wife for trivialities and bring a reproach on the Gospel. Reasons or excuses do not change the necessity of declaring the revelation of the mysteries as has been stated earlier . Such a potential church destroying topic would never been preached by the prophet, if it would not have been a necessary part of his Messenger comission.

Let us examine a few things that our Prophet believed or taught, then changed when the revelation came. Understand that these things are examples to show that all servants of God grow in knowledge and that "Revelation" is progressive, being designated for a specific time and season. God giving grace, winking at our ignorance until the time and season to further reveal himself.

To begin our search and in order to conserve space, we will only cover a few of many things that God corrected as time went on.

312-635 031 Now, the souls that were in prison that repented not, were not Angelic beings that had--had been brought down in the form of Angels, but it was the spirits of those angelic beings that fell before the foundation of the world, back there when the war went on in heaven. And Satan and--and the dragon fought, and then... Or Michael and--and the--the dragon fought and Lucifer. And Lucifer was cast out with all of his children, all of the angels that he had deceived, and those angels come to the earth and was subject then to become human. And when they did, that's when the sons of God saw the daughters of men was fair, and took unto them wives.

This was corrected by the revelation of the Serpent Seed.

22-5 062 And the land was full of giants and Josephus said that... The great historian, could you imagine a historian like Josephus saying that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, and they pressed themselves from angels into human flesh. A historian...

If that's so, then Satan's a creator. Then where are we? See? There's one Creator. That's God. Satan only perverts what God has created. And unrighteousness is only righteousness perverted.

Brother Branham states that sinners cast into hell are tormented through all the ages to come in an immortal body never to die.

113-44 022 Now, to you, friend, if you're a sinner who asked this, God be merciful to you. Yes, sir. You're not only under condemnation now, not here, no. You'll prosper and go on. And that's all through the mercies of God. That's all through the mercies of God that you prosper and do what you do. That's true. But one of these days, if you're a sinner and your soul slips out, it'll go yonder into judgment and will be condemned. And then you'll be cast away, and you'll be in torment until the day that you are brought back to this earth again. And you will receive an immortal body, a immortal body that cannot die, and will be cast away into outer darkness where there'll be weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth. You'll be cast into hell, where the worm never dies or fire is never quenched, and you'll be tormented through all ages there is to come. Jesus said that. That's a black picture, but it's what the Bible said.

This was corrected by God revealing the annihilation of souls.

SERPENT'S.SEED.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-4 58-0928E
43-1 130 We believe in feet washing. We believe in Communion. We believe in the second coming of Christ, the visible corporal body of the Lord, not spirit, but the corporal body of the Lord Jesus coming again in glory. We believe in the physical resurrection of the dead to receive a body, not old and wrinkled as we go into the grave, but a new one in the very bliss of youth to live forever. We believe in the immortality of the soul, absolutely. We believe there's only one form of Eternal Life and that's the Life that you get from Christ Jesus. That's exactly right. Therefore, we do not believe in eternal punishment. We believe in a hell-fire, brimstone burning, but we don't believe it burns forever. If it does, you got Eternal Life.
There's only one Eternal Life; that comes from God. That's right. You'll be burnt maybe for a million years, ten million years, I don't know; but you can't have Eternal Life. You can't burn forever... You can burn forever, but not eternal. There's a difference between "eternal" and "forever." "Forever" is forever and forever (conjunction) means "a space of time." But eternal... You do not have eternal punishment. You have Eternal Life, 'cause there's only one form of Eternal Life, and he that has Eternal Life lives and is blessed of God forever. But the soul that sinneth, that soul shall what? Die. Then it hasn't Eternal Life. Certainly it has. It has its punishment, but not Eternal Life. So you see there's many things yet to be taught; we'll get later on. The Lord bless you.

Brother Branham once believed in two persons in the Godhead, stating that he believed God was angry with him and Jesus loved him. This was corrected by the revelation of the Godhead.

E-49 049 I used to think that God was angry with me, but Christ loved me. And I come to find out, that Christ is the very heart of God. He is God's heart. Jesus Christ is God's heart.

Coming up a bit further in the ministry we find Brother Branham teaching the evidence of the Holy Ghost being the fruits of the Spirit and love.

E-69 069 What is the Holy Ghost? What is the Holy Ghost? Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience, faith. Is that right? That's the Holy Ghost. What's a little apple tree; how do you know it's an apple tree? 'Cause it's got apples on it. How do you know you got the Holy Ghost? 'Cause you bear the fruits of the Spirit. Is that right? That's the Holy Ghost. All right.

BROKEN.CISTERNS.title JEFF.IN V-5 N-13 64-0726E
66 037 I said, "The most perfect evidence I can think of is love." And so we got to talking on that. And then I thought, "That sounded pretty good." So I just held that: If a man's got love. But one day the Lord in a vision straightened me out, and He said that the evidence of the Spirit was those who could receive the Word, neither love nor speaking in tongues, but it's receiving the Word.

Now, a few more examples before we move on:

FIRST.SEAL.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0318
122-2 {35} 018 And now, the Lamb is standing now tonight as we enter into this 6th chapter; He's got the Book in His hand and starting to reveal it. And, oh, I would've absolutely today... And I hope that people are spiritual. I would've had a horrible mistake on that if it hadn't been about twelve o'clock today when the Holy Spirit came in the room and corrected me on something that I was writing down to say.

FIFTH.SEAL.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0322
339-1 {40} 019 Now, this is rather a mysterious... And now, for the sake of tapes, and clergymen and teachers that's setting present, now if you have a different view from this, I did too. But I'm just taking it from the inspiration which completely changed my view of it.

FIFTH.SEAL.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0322
361-1 {215} 090 Now, notice. Now, in the 9th verse, souls under the altar. Now, here's where I'm going to get some real disagreement. But just watch just a minute, just... See? I thought that too, but it didn't come that way. We've... I've always thought that these souls under the altar were the--the--the martyrs of the early church, and I'm sure that Dr. Uriah Smith and everyone of them says it is. See? But... I thought so myself. But when the Holy Spirit showed the vision to it, it wasn't; it isn't the souls.

SIXTH.SEAL.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0323
405-6 {103} 032 Now, we find out in last night's service also, the great mystery opened with this Seal, which was absolutely contrary to my former understanding--just a--presuming that it was right.

527-4 {17} 007 Now, I say this... Looking over old notes that I preached on many years ago, I was just coming in and saying what I thought was right and going on. It was away off of the line.

529-3 {29} 012 Now, I want to make this real clear. Every time, every time that these Seals has come to the place, everything that I ever believed on them and has read of other people, has been contrary to what come to me in the room.

Now we will approach the meat of the subject. Again, in order to enhance our understanding, we need to examine statements that are very important which were made preceding the preaching of the subject on Divorce and Remarriage.

Brother Branham speaking of the Secret of the message and the fathers business for this age.

149 072 Yes, sir. What must it do? Vindicate Malachi 4; vindicate Luke 17:30; vindicate Hebrews 13:8; vindicate St. John 14:12; vindicate all of His Word: vindicate Hebrews--I mean, Revelation the 10th chapter, of the opening of the Seven Seals; and the mysteries of God, even to serpent's seed, and all would be manifested: Marriage and divorce and all these other mysteries that's been hid under the pillars from all these years from the theologians and so forth, but it's now the hour. That's the Father's business. Think they would receive it? They want to be dignified and say, "Our denomination don't teach us that." But the Bible does. That's right. God vindicates it to be true. Sure it is.

Brother Branham makes a comparison to a question he did not know the answer to:

1113-238 131 I can't explain that, for one place it said they saw the Light and never heard the voice, or something like that; and the next place they saw the--heard the voice and never saw the Light. I can't explain it. See? I--I don't know what happened, and I won't know until the Lord reveals it to me; no more than I could tell you about marriage and divorce. I didn't know until He revealed it to me.

Brother Branham states a very important absolute during and after the teaching of Marriage and Divorce that must be understood and that is the fact that this revelation could not be known or revealed in any other time - ONLY AFTER THE SEALS WERE REVEALED.

22-5 064 Now, notice, the Bible plainly says here that her first husband must be dead, not just put away; he's got to be dead. Now, I just got through preaching on marriage and divorce, and you all know about that. I'm not speaking now, altogether to this congregation here, but out across the nation. All right. Now, you see what happened there in marriage and divorce, when it was...?... the Seven Seals was opened, that brought out the real truth of it.

7 005 Now, tomorrow morning, if it be the will of God, I aim to speak on that subject, "Marriage and Divorce." And we trust that you'll come and bring your pencils and papers. We won't take too long, but I'd just like to... That was my purpose of being back here first, in Indiana, that I promised you that. And I will try tomorrow morning; if I don't get it tomorrow morning, I will tomorrow night. But I'm going to try tomorrow morning, if the Lord willing, to speak on the subject, the two schools of thoughts. And may God help us to know what is truth, just to know what's truth, so we can walk in Truth and in Light.

Let us now look into the pages of the teaching on "Marriage and Divorce". In order to keep from just recopying the book, we will hit important absolutes, as Brother Branham builds his case for the revelation; "from the beginning".

11-3 023 Now, if that be so, we have two schools of thought on marriage and divorce. And that is, one of them says that a man can only be married once unless his wife is dead. And that's one of the questions. But you go to following that, you go overboard. And then the next says, "Oh, if the wife or the husband (either one) has committed adultery, either one of them can be put away and married again." You find yourself overboard with that.

NOTE: Double married occurs when both the wife AND the husband have been married BEFORE.

14-1 029 We have also two thoughts of this marriage and divorce. Now, that our Lord has opened the Seven Seal mystery of His Word to us in this last day... Now, many of you, this might be Greek to you, but my church understands of what--when you've heard of the visions and what taken place. And the question is a Bible question. We are invited here to believe there must be a true answer to the whole hidden secret that's been hid since the foundation of the world. And the Bible prophesies and says that in this day these secrets would be made known, Revelations 10: "And at the sounding of the seventh angel (the Laodicea messenger) the mysteries of God would be made known." And this is the last age, which is Laodicea.

14-4 031 Jesus, in our text, invites us to go back to the beginning for the true Scriptural answer. Now, when He was confronted with this, there was two things in view. The priest said to Him, "Can a man put away his wife, marry another for any cause?"
And Jesus said, "It wasn't so from the beginning."
Then they said, "Moses suffered us a writing of divorcement" (and to put her away for anything they wanted to).
He said that Moses did that because (I'm letting that string awhile)--because of the hardness of your hearts, but from--or at the beginning it wasn't so.

14-4 031 Jesus, in our text, invites us to go back to the beginning for the true Scriptural answer. Now, when He was confronted with this, there was two things in view. The priest said to Him, "Can a man put away his wife, marry another for any cause?"
And Jesus said, "It wasn't so from the beginning."
Then they said, "Moses suffered us a writing of divorcement" (and to put her away for anything they wanted to).
He said that Moses did that because (I'm letting that string awhile)--because of the hardness of your hearts, but from--or at the beginning it wasn't so.

15-7 033 If Jesus said, "Go back to the beginning," there was only one pair of anything on earth. There was one Adam, one Eve. They were joined by God alone. One female horse, one male; one female parrot, one male, at the beginning, as He told us to go back, there was only one pair of anything. Is that true? Then we find out that everything in the beginning was running in perfect order and harmony with God; nothing was out of cater. Everything in heaven's still in order; all the stars, the galaxies, the solar system, everything is perfectly in order. One of them move would interrupt the whole program.

16-1 034 Now, listen. Do you see? One interruption spoils the entire program. Now, when human beings was running in continuity with God, with one man and one woman, this woman sinned. And it throwed the whole earthly program out of continuity with God. Therefore, one word added to this Book or one word taken from It throws a Christian out of continuity with God, throws the church out of continuity with God, throws a family out of continuity with God. Every believer can be throwed out by not accepting every Word of God.

16-1 034 Then it was the woman that caused the separation of the lovely home. It was not a Cherubim that bothered the earth. It was not Adam that throwed the home out. It was not anything else that throwed the home out and throwed the whole thing out of continuity, but a woman: Eve. And it is here, that the beginning that Jesus spoke of, was broken. Jesus said, "At the beginning God made one male, one female, of each kind." And now, when this woman, not the female horse, not the female dog, but the woman, she broke the entire continuity of God's operation on the earth and throwed everything into death. The woman, not the man, she broke the covenant. She broke the covenant because why? She stepped across the borders of God's Word.

16-3 035 Now, if she broke her covenant with her husband, she broke her covenant with God, then because she broke the covenant with God, she broke it with her husband. And when you break your promise and your covenant to God's Word, that's what caused so many illegitimate church members, 'cause a group of men got together and said, "Well, it didn't mean that," and it throws the whole organization out of continuity with the Word. "Oh, we don't believe that. Dr. Jones said it wasn't so." But as long as God said it's so, He said, "Let every man's word be a lie and Mine be the Truth." There breaks the continuity.

30-4 065 And He made her for man and not man for her. Did you know that, that woman was made for man, and not man for woman? How many knows that? The Bible teaches it. All right. She was given a place in man before the fall, equal over all creation, but after the fall... Now, here we bring the subject up. But after the fall he was her ruler. She must keep silent in all matters. Now, after the original beginning is over... Jesus said, "It wasn't so from the beginning." That's when time begin, when God made it first in His original creation. All that understand, say, "Amen," again. [Congregation replies "Amen"--Ed.]

31-1 066 Now, notice. Now, after the beginning, after the beginning, after time begin... back in that was eternity; it was over. Notice, after that fall was made by Eve, after the fall, there was need to be another covenant made. Now, this is going to stumble you, but I'm going to give you the Scripture to prove that this is the truth.
Now, notice, after the fall... Jesus said, "God, at the beginning, made one of a kind," but now, after the fall... Now, we're going beyond that; the covenant was coequal. But now after the fall there's another covenant made. Now, she was no longer ruler with him. Each must have a separate covenant.

33-3 070 God now secondarily sets a new nature again by sex. God created the first without sex. Do you believe that? Now, it's another covenant with nature; He sets it in another order by sex. Second covenant: one male, many females; one buck deer, a whole harem of does (That right?); one bull a whole herd of cattle, cows; one rooster, a yard full of hens (That right?); one David, after His own heart, with five hundred wives, with a hundred children born to him in one year of different women: a man after God's own heart; one Solomon with a thousand wives. But notice now, it wasn't so at the beginning. But now, it's after the beginning. The woman's done this, then she just becomes what she is now. See?

33-5 071 Notice. (Don't fail this now; take it all down to your hearts.) But not one of those women could even have one more husband. He's the original creation, not her. Not one of those women could have one more husband, but that one husband could have a thousand wives. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's the Bible.

38-1 079 But now that the Seals are opened, the Spirit of Truth directs us to the Word. That explains why all the mistakes has been down through the ages, because the Seals was not open. This was not revealed. It's true.

38-4 080 Now, look. In the final analysis, look, there is one Jesus Christ (Is that right?), one Man: God Immanuel. You believe that? But the members of His Wife are many (See?), thousands times thousands of thousands. Is that right? His Wife, the Bride, the church.... You understand now?

39-1 082 Now, He plainly shows here in these types there is one Christ and many members of that Wife. Notice, He can put us away for spiritual fornications and false doctrine anytime He wants to, but how dare you try to put Him away and make it. The man can put away his wife and marry another, but not the woman put away her husband and marry another. See all the shadows and types there perfectly balanced out? See? The original creation, not the byproduct nowhere; not the church, the Bride through the Word; not the woman, the man; each time. That's which... Never says anything against the man doing it; it's always the woman. That's exactly. But she can be the Bride of Christ by being... And remember, she being a part of a man, the Bible said she can only... "Nevertheless I suffer not a woman to teach, or to usurp any authority, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the byproduct was deceived. Now, withstanding she shall be saved if she continues in holiness and sobriety and in childbearing and all such..." (because then she becomes a part of this man; that's what bring... )

43-3 092 Now, on the marriage and divorce... See, it has to be revealed. Until it's revealed, you don't know it. But He promised in this last days in this age, that every hidden mystery in the Bible would be revealed. How many knows that? Revelations the 10th chapter. Jesus promised it, that all of these hidden mysteries on--on marriage and divorce, all these other hidden mysteries that's been would be revealed in the end time.

We would desire at this time to examine one last area of the divorce and remarriage question. And that is the great question among the followers of the Message of the Hour - Can a minister be divorced and then remarry and continue preaching?

The revelation of Brother Branham's teaching on Marriage and Divorce conclusively and absolutely consents to remarriage of the man under certain conditions (causes), and that the only scripturally lawful condition for a woman to remarry is if her husband dies. But what about a minister? Let's examine this question.

36-1 075 Now, this may hurt just a little bit till we get down to the bottom of it. I'm just going to show you truth of it.
There is no minister that can marry a widow. Did you know that? You want to read that? All right, you get in Leviticles--Leviticus 21:7 and Ezekiel 44:22 and it will show you that the priesthood was not to marry a woman that's been touched by man. This type is of the virgin Bride of Jesus Christ, because they handled the fire of God, the priests did, Aaron's sons. (We haven't got time to read it all and get out by noon. We got twenty minutes yet.) And them's Aaron's sons that handled the--the--the fire of God. So they could not marry a woman that had been touched by another man. The unchanging God said so. They could not marry another woman (and woman had been touched by a man), showing in type here, if you want to see it, that the church of the living God is purely, unadulterated the Word of God and not a denomination that's been handled by man.

This as stated by our Prophet sets an absolute basis of God's requirement for a minister to qualify, but again what about a minister re-marrying and continuing to preach. Continuing with the thought of a minister and re-marriage.

37-1 077 See, she's got a living husband, so no man can marry her. Care what she does and who she is, she's got a living husband. There's no grounds for her at all. But it's not for him: causes her, not him. Get it? You have to make the Word run in continuity. See? Nothing saying he couldn't, but she can't. See? 'Causes her, not him. That's just exactly what the Bible says. "Causes her..." It is not stated against him to remarry, but her. Why?
Christ in the type. Notice, it is stated that he cannot remarry, only a virgin. He can remarry; he can marry--he can remarry again if it's a virgin; but he can't marry somebody's else's wife. No, indeedy. And if he does marry a divorced woman, he is living in adultery; I don't care who he is. The Bible said, "Whosoever marries her that is put away, liveth in adultery." There you are, not no divorcee.

I am sure that the statement by the Prophet of God with the divinely revealed "mystery-truths" is shocking to many ministers and laymen alike. Without God revealing this truth, to the individual by spiritual revelation, it is understandable why there is still a great magnitude of confusion.

It is a hard thing to say, but never the less true, as Jesus said "I thank thee, O FAther, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes." [Matthew 11:25]

Brother Branham again emphatically states that a minister can re-marry "IF IT IS A VIRGIN". Some say "Oh yes, I know he said that, but even if he marries a virgin...", (which a minister must) "... he cannot preach."

My question would be, simply, if a man quits preaching to remarry, he would qualify to marry a widow, so why should he seek out a virgin? Brother Branham says in order to continue to be a minister he must marry a virgin, because "he handled the fire of God". Otherwise a minister who quits ministering to remarry certainly would no longer come under the stringent requirements of one continuing to preach.

Let us go a step further. Examining Timothy and Titus where the requirements for a Bishop or a Deacon are stated. In order to conserve space:

Titus 1:6
If any be blameless, THE HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE, having faithful children not accused or riot, or unruly.

As we begin a rather extensive study of this scripture, I would like to remind us that through the ages this marriage and divorce issue was a mystery (and still is to many, even in the message of Malachi 4).

Most people would not hesitate to recognize that the reasons there are different denominations (innumerable interpretations), and which can not be denied that all have their favorice scriptures that are used to support their opposing beliefs.

Without controversy, the Trinitarians quotes his denominational interpretation of Matthew 28:19-20 to prove the Oneness quotation of Acts 2:38 wrong. This is why God sent us a prophet; to give us the truth of the question and every scriptural question that still seems in question, must be interpreted in the light of the revelation of the hour, (not by the shadow of some carried over denominational dogma, into the Message of the Hour.)

Let's look for the answer of Titus 1:16 in the light of the revealed mystery truth of Marriage and Divorce.

CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE.title LA.CA V-2 N-28 65-0429E
21-4 049 You get my tape on "Marriage and Divorce" that up on top of the mountain at Tucson, here not long ago, I was up there praying about it. They dismissed the school to watch that Pillar of Fire circling the mountain and going in a funnel back and forth, up and down. People right here knows it: there and saw it. And it...
When He told me the truth of this marriage and divorce questions... If there's one side going this way, and one going that way, there's got to be a truth somewhere. And after those seven seals, He showed what was the truth of it.

CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE.title LA.CA V-2 N-28 65-0429E
21-5 050 Notice now, she could not have but one husband, because woman was made for man and not man for woman. That whole five hundred women was just David's wife. It was a type--when Christ sets on the throne in the millennium, His Bride will be not one person, but it'll be tens of thousands, the Bride, all in one. And David had many wives as individuals but only--all of them together was his wife. Like the whole body of believers is the Bride of Christ. Because it was she, the woman; He was the man.

In bringing the revelation (the mind of Christ) on this mystery, Brother Branham tells us that the law of polygamy applies today, and ever since the beginning of the second covenant, in this manner. If a man puts away his wife for the proper cause, and marries another, IN GOD'S EYES, BECAUSE OF THE COVENANT MADE AFTER THE FALL, HE HAS ONLY ONE WIFE. I know there are those who abuse these precious truths and cause many to draw back from them, but we are not responsible for abuses, but we are responsible for the TRUTH.

We will now bring another quote of these truths.

Now I know in answering one question another one is apt to come up, and people ask me, "If Eve fell that way, what did Adam do, for God lays the blame on Adam?" That is simple. The Word of God is forever settled in heaven. Before one speck of stardust was made, that Word (God's law) was there . Now the Word teaches us that if a woman leaves her husband and goes with another man she is an adultress and is no longer married and the husband is not to take her back. That Word was true in Eden as it was true when Moses wrote it in the law. The Word can't change. Adam took her back. He knew exactly what he was doing, but he did it any way. She was a part of him, and he was willing to take her responsibility upon himself. He would not let her go. So Eve conceived by him. He knew she would. He knew exactly what would happen to the human race, and he sold the human race into sin that he might have Eve, for he loved her.

Considering this statement we have another absolute to put with our previous quotations. Brother Branham states, that if a woman commits adultery against her husband, not only has she broken her covenant (marriage vow) with her husband, but has broken it with God [Page 16, Marriage and Divorce]. Continuing further to enlighten us on Page 104 of the Church Ages that they are no longer married. The revelation of the Word nullifies denominational dogma terminology of "two living WIVES". How could anyone who claims to follow the Message of the hour carry on in the traditions of their denominational theology, and bring a reproach on the very Prophet and message they claim to represent.

I JOHN 1:7
7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

What if we refuse to walk in the revealed truth of this hour, could we truly be cleansed from sin (unbelief)? Surely, if Brother Branham were here, we would not apologize for bringing this great truth. He himself said it could not be revealed in any other time, until AFTER the seals were broken, and emphatically states on the first page of this book that "It will be the revelation of these Divinely Revealed Mystery Truths that literally turn the hearts of the children back to the Pentecostal fathers."

Let us now look at Titus again in the light of the hour. The simple unexplained statement "husband of one wife," without the revelation of the message, would certainly add to the mystery of Marriage and Divorce, for this one, of many reasons. There is no Scripture in the Bible that gives a man the right to remarry if his wife dies. Someone may say, "How ridiculous a statement! Anyone knows it is okay for a man to remarry if his wife dies.", but remember, we are talking about scripture, not what you or I think. Remember we are looking at this Scripture on the basis of JUST WHAT IS SAYS. It does not say "if" his wife dies it is all right to remarry, for if a man has been married and his wife dies and he remarries, would he not have been the husband of two wives, and Titus specifically states ONE wife, with no explained considerations. This would automatically disqualify many fine ministers including our beloved Prophet.

Now, lets take the next step without revelation. Titus plainly states that the Bishop or Deacon had to be married, ("The husband of one wife"). This would have eliminated the very messenger of the first age who wrote the letter to Titus and Timothy also, but Paul Pastored (Bishop) Ephesus for at least three years. Not only was Paul not married he had no children ("having faithful children").

Now where are we at? There are many men in this message whose wives have left them for one reason or another or who are not even married, they also are not qualified to be a Bishop (Pastor). The true teaching on Marriage and Divorce should be taught in the fullness of its revelation and we should rejoice that the Living God has allowed our eyes to SEE and our ears to HEAR the deep and hidden things of God.

But again, it is not given to all to receive ALL that the Prophet has said.

One more small but important consideration we need to look into while looking at Titus 1:6 without the understanding of the message.

"Husband of one wife"; lets look at a couple of areas of spiritual interest that Brother Branham mentions are applicable to the term "husband".

201 082 Did you know any man that kisses a woman is morally obligated to marry her? Potentially it's a sex act. Sure, it is. Yes, sir. What is it? It's the male glands in a man's lip and the female glands. When male and female glands comes together, it's sex.

16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.

In our first quote, Brother Branham makes it clear the seriousness of a kiss. How many ministers in this message have been guilty of kissing some young woman they were dating, when out in the world or anywhere for that matter, before their present wife and he were married? How many wives were they obligated to marry and if God looks at them through the Word of a Prophet, how many wives do they have?

What about I Corinthians 6:16? Paul said that every man that is with a woman (intimately), becomes one flesh, (married). How many men in Paul's time (when fornication was common) could qualify to be the husband of one wife? How many ministers in this message of the hour were guilty of fornication sometime in their youth, and now married and no one knows their past, and how many wives do they have?

The word fornication stumbles many, but it must be applied in the light of the revelation of Marriage and Divorce. Some say that it is only an act that is committed before marriage. If that is so, not only does it annul the teaching of our Prophet on the Marriage and Divorce question, but such an interpretation by man puts Brother Branham's own words at odds with Jesus statement, that a woman could only be PUT AWAY for fornication.

FIRST.SEAL.THE.title JEFF.IN 63-0318
165-3 {329} 147 What is "fornication?" Is "unrighteous living." That's her doctrine she was giving out, taking the Word of God and making it of non-effect by some, "Hail, Marys," and all this other kind of stuff and giving it out, and the kings of the earth committed fornications with her.

35 027 "For the kings of the earth have committed fornications," rich men, great men have. How would you commit--how would a king commit fornications with a church? It's spiritual fornication: spiritual. What is fornication? It's, well, it's like a woman living untrue to her husband; she's living with another man while she's got a husband. And this church then is--is pretending to be the Bride of Christ, while she's committing fornication with the kings of the world, with her unclean living, unclean profession. Oh, it's deep and it's rich; I just love the Word.

Certainly it is fornication for unmarried people to have relationships outside marriage, but it also has a broader meaning. We know that Brother Branham has always taught that a man could PUT AWAY his wife for cutting her hair and that is not even a sex act, but it is unclean living. Remember, Jesus said she could be put away for FORNICATION. So we understand by the revelation on this subject for this day when God's word promises that there would be a people that would UNDERSTAND and do EXPLOITS.

PROVING.HIS.WORD.title LA.CA V-18 N-3 65-0426
185 058 But there will be, to those Who It's sent to, they will understand. "The wise shall know their God in that day, and they'll do exploits." We realize that the hour that we're now living.

We hope this study will help someone in the valley of decision, to come to a little fuller understanding of this controversial subject, as our Lord spoke through the Apostle Paul, Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Our sincere prayer is to see a people come to EVERY WORD that God has so graciously given by the mouth of THE PROPHET of this day Brother William Branham, A Voice of REVELATION Crying in the Wilderness of CONFUSION.

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