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I have been getting a lot of e-mail, from a movement within this Message, PUSHING a newly misapplied terminology. The underlying spirit should be put to the WORD TEST...AND the "8th day thinking/teaching" DOES NOT PASS THE WORD TEST!

The 8th day does NOT even come into being or existance as an AGE, until the thousand year Millennium has been completed.

FUTURE.HOME.title JEFF.IN V-3 N-5 64-0802 32-3 104 Notice, it was also upon this eighth day, last day, feast day of the tabernacle; notice, after that, after the last feast day, after the last church age, after the last complete seven days upon the earth, ***after the millennium that this holy convocation comes.***

The Bride age 8th day THEORY, tries to establish that we are beyond the Ministry and authority of saying *ONLY* what the Prophet to *THIS AGE* had to say.

This subtle and enticing movement cannot deceive the Elect.

IT edits and etches the *sole authority* of the SINGLE Messenger to the LAST AGE , and replaces it with an UNSCRIPTURAL GROUP Ministry, supposedly greater in power than that of the Prophet.


NOT ONE OF THEM can produce any more supernatural manifestation, than the Pentecostal Charismatic impersonators. Just remember that the Pentecostal/Charismatics were identified as the counterfeit of the TRUE.

Any move in this Message that cannot even match the counterfeit, is nothing less than a counterfeit of the counterfeit!

Understanding comes by divine revelation. That is why it is most important NOT to forget to compare this 8th day teaching, with Scripture itself. There are only seven church ages and seven Messages/Messengers to the seven churches. In case anyone has not noticed, the number *8* is nowhere mentioned to the church ages (In Scripture). The terminology as applied by this *NEW AGE* group is UNSCRIPTURAL!

We have spent considerable time in our assembly, studying the fact there are only *four* Seals timewise:

The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Seal, are *EVENTS* that take place under the time element of the Fourth Seal.

My point being, the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Seal are not a time space, following/after the Fourth Seal.

They are specific happenings, whose seperate event identification was placed numerically as, 5-6 and 7. NOT another time or age!

The same principal applies to the Bride age terminology, as used by Brother Branham.
The Bride age and the Laodicean age run parallel/concurrently, at the end of the Laodicean timeframe. The Scripture pointedly identifies the ENTIRE AGE, only as Laodicea.

During the time element of the Laodicean church age,*** which does not expire/end until*** the Bride of Christ is raptured, the Lord Jesus calls a people *out of* a people.
Those that are called out by the Messenger of/to Laodicea are none other than the Bride of Christ.

Brother Branham emphatically places the Bride age, as taking place ***when he was here.*** NOT another age that was to follow.***

Bride age, is simply a terminology used by Brother Branham, to identify those who received by Spiritual Revelation, his Message.

The cute little phraseologies that are rising of late in this Message, are nothing less than a re-incarnation of spirits that Anointed the priesthood in the days of Moses.

It is *most notable*, that Brother Branham is recognized, BUT as the Prophet of another age or past time. It is very subtle in insinuation, but to the spiritually trained eye and ear, the spiritual force driving it is easily identified.

We were forewarned many times when brother Branham was here, of the Dathan and Korah spirit that would invade the Message.

I will put on here the warning once more, and *point to the fact* that it was among the *princes, men of renown, and leaders in the Message* of Moses day .

Now let us take a Scriptural warning here. Was it not in the days of Moses whom God had vindicated that Korah rose up and withstood that mighty prophet? He disputed with Moses and claimed that he had as much from God to lead the people and that others shared in the Divine revelation as well as did Moses. He denied the authority of Moses. Now the people back there, after they had heard the true Word and were well acquainted with the fact that a true prophet was vindicated of God, I say those people fell for Korah and his gainsayings. Korah was not a Scriptural prophet but the people in great numbers with their leaders went for him. How like the evangelists today with their golden calf schemes like Korah's. They look good to the people as Korah looked good then.

How can you bless what God has cursed, or how can you curse what God has blessed? It must be with the Word. Sometimes you have to stand alone, but stand there. That's right. Be persistent. Stay right with it. No matter what anybody else says, stay with it. Micaiah stayed right with it. And of course, we find out that it proved out that he was right.
Faith never denies the truth of the Word, but holds to it no matter how ridiculous it might seem. Faith holds right on to the truth of the Word.

The words of Prophecy BEING FULFILLED before our very eyes!

Questions can be directed to: Bro. Garold MacGraw

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